7 Ways How Blogging Helps in Improving SEO
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7 Ways How Blogging Helps in Improving SEO

7 Ways How Blogging Helps in Improving SEO

It is very easy to setup a simple company website. Just whip up some quality content, throw in a little of cool graphics and you are done! You can add all sorts of amazing pages to keep the user engrossed! But the million dollar question is how to get the people to your website? How do you make sure that people find their way to your website? The first answer to your question is probably implementing SEO. Search engine optimization has levelled the online world by allowing even smaller companies to go up against the corporates in the online domain.

But for improving SEO, the best way to go about it is through a blog! I know a lot of people think it as a waste of internet space but there are many more people who depend on blogs for information on different things. Blogging is no simple work and if it is utilized carefully, it will provide the right Launchpad for your website!

Here are some of the ways to show how important blogging is for your website SEO.

1. Fresh content

Apparently, everybody around you likes new and fresh content! Especially the search engine when they are indexing your web page. It provides a great boost to your SEO if you keep regularly updating your website content. Since the search engines index your website based on relevance and content, it becomes even more important to do so!

If you stop updating your website, you can be sure that your rank is falling behind the other active ones! By continuous blogging, it allows you to form a close relationship with your readers and positions you as an expert in that field!

2. Guest blogging

Again, you might be forced to believe that guest blogging is dead but that is not true! Guest blogging has just sprung up to the next level thanks to the increased understanding of the importance of blogging and SEO. Getting a famous guest blogger to write posts for your website, will achieve two things! One, there will be an increased rise of traction at your website. Second, people will start trusting your website and an easy relationship will start forming.

But here care should be taken in finding the most apt guest blogger for your website. One needs to be aware of the different bloggers that can bring the best results as needed by the business in question!

3. Back linking

In this method you link various parts of your blog posts to different reputed sources and other web pages of your website! This will help your visitors in finding the best information and that is exactly what a search engine will like.

But back linking is a double-edged sword! You need to be careful while using links in your blogs. First of all, you need to make sure if the links are free to use or is there a need to make a small payment involved! Next the links should always be relevant to that particular blog and not randomly associated web links. This will immediately get a red flag from the search engines lie Google. You might even be penalized for such actions and your website taken off!

4. Images and video

In this world of quick information, you need to be able to add the maximum value to your user in a limited time. And then to retain those visitors you website needs to have an extra element! They help in making your website more attractive and easily accessible on the search engine indexes.

In this situation it is good to use high quality and highly relevant proprietary videos and images. This will make your content unique and important, which will bring good results for your SEO.

5. Keywords

This is one of the easiest things anyone with a minimum knowledge of SEO will talk about. And on the basis of their knowledge of keywords, one can find the SEO expert. The only constant about SEO trends is change. SEO trends keep changing over the years as search algorithms get better and better.

To be precise, keywords have lost their initial importance. Simply filling your blog with keywords will not gain attention. In fact, one can get penalized for the same.

The trick lies in providing information and answering questions through your blogs!

6. Virility and popularity

Virility and popularity are really fickle things. They can come overnight to you, if certain things click! There is no guaranteed recipe to getting it right.
It boils down to knowing customer needs and providing the right answers. One must always aim for a viral post, because that might not work all the times but when it does it will bring a wave of unique visitors to your blog!

7. Social media

Social media is perhaps the biggest boon to small businesses and provides a level playing ground to all. Effectively employing social media in one’s blogging campaign will definitely raise the SEO standards of one’s blog!
This provides another medium for search engines to find you, because of your variety in platforms!

Blogging is definitely an exciting way to make your SEO better. With the right investments in it, your business can be assured of a good boost in its online presence!


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