Google Introduces Modifications to Its AdWords Ad Rank Calculating System
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Google Introduces Modifications to Its AdWords Ad Rank Calculating System

Google Introduces Modifications to Its AdWords Ad Rank Calculating System

Google is all set to provide its users with the best of services. Given that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plays a crucial role in the online advertisement space today, Google recently introduced changes to its AdWords Ad Rank Calculating System.

The Ad Rank is essentially Google’s way of calculating AdWords, which further helps in determining where your advertisement would be shown and the amount that you will have to pay per click. Apart from maximizing cost per click bidding and quality of scoring, Ad Rank will also take into account the impact of the ad formats and extensions that the ad is likely to create on the viewers. In addition to this, Ad Rank is now also going to play a key role in assessing whether advertisements can be displayed with formats or extensions or not.

Thus, formats and extensions will now have a major part to play in determining the price that a user will have to pay per click. It would also help in determining the position where the ads would be displayed. Google basically intends to encourage advertisers across the globe to utilize all those extensions that are available before them and which may prove useful for promoting their business.

Simply put, ad extensions enhance the click through rates as well as overall performance of the ad campaign, as they help in making advertisements more meaningful and useful. Besides, the more click through rates an advertiser gets, the additional ad clicks will Google enjoy.

Google also clarified that it would provide advertisers with the best of extensions combinations display options, depending upon their ad and nature of business. Thus, advertisers do not have to worry about acquiring the appropriate combinations of extensions display.

Apart from providing extensions in accordance with the context of the ad, Google also stated that it would automatically display the highest formats and extensions (in terms of performance) or the ones that are likely to produce the highest click through rates.

Google further pointed out that at the time of assessing the impact of the extensions and formats that could be expected in case of an ad, it takes factors like click through rates, relevance and importance of formats or extensions on the search result pages, into consideration.

Given that Ad Rank now plays a vital role in assessing whether an advertiser’s ad will be displayed with formats and extensions or not, the advertiser will have to make efforts to improve his/her bid, Score Quality, or for both formats and extensions to be displayed.

Advertisers may also notice higher or lower average cost per clicks in their account. Thus, an advertiser may find lower cost per clicks if their formats and extensions are extremely relevant. In some other situations, advertisers may notice higher cost per clicks owing to an enhancement in the position of the ad or due to stiff competition being posed by other advertisements. Presently, this particular update is only going to affect the search advertisements that would appear on Google Search.


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