7 Best Computer Games That Help Improve Intelligence

7 Best Computer Games That Help Improve Intelligence

7 Best Computer Games That Help Improve Intelligence

Is playing games good for you? Scientists have conducted research that has revealed that games can have a positive impact on your brain and can boost intelligence. There are lots of games that can help in the development of memory, thinking and reasoning skills in children and adults alike. Some of the best computer games that you can play for helping improve your intelligence are:

1.   Halo 2

Intense action games such as Gears of War, Halo and Grand Theft Auto have been criticized for promoting brutality, but the fact is that playing these games can have physiological benefits. Whether it is kids or adults, playing these action games can be great because they are able to pay attention and focus on various elements much faster than others.

2.   Call of Duty

This is another action game and is highly recommended because it can be useful in improving decision-making skills that can impact the player’s intelligence levels as a whole. They are able to react quickly and develop strong thinking skills as they have to make decisions in the heat of the moment during the game. This eventually translates into real life. People can make quick and great decisions.

3.   Word Scrabble

Generations have grown up playing this board game because Word Scrabble can improve your English language skills and also enhance your brain power as a whole. These days, you can play Word Scrabble on your tablet or smartphone and it can also help in improving your IQ. This game requires skill and strategy and keeps your brain cells active and also sharpens the memory. You can use the help of a good Scrabble Word Finder and play the game with more fun.

4.   Brain Age 2

This is a game that can benefit your intelligence levels by making you good at math. The cognitive skills of players develop drastically while playing this game and they are able to deal with even the most challenging of math tests without problems.

5.   Rise of Nations

Complex strategy games are also a plus because they are known to improve the player’s ability to multitask and also aid in making executive decisions. Switching between tasks becomes easier and you can accomplish each task well simultaneously, which means your intelligence levels definitely see some major enhancement.

6.   Tetris

It is a known fact that playing puzzle games gives your brain power a boost. Doing puzzles enables significant improvements in brain function. Your brain becomes more efficient when you are playing puzzle games like Tetris. They improve your critical thinking and problem-solving skills and also your skill and strategy. Suffice it to say, it works wonders for your intelligence as a whole.

7.   Sim City

This game requires the player to build an entire city and tackle the challenging task of urban planning. Land has to be zoned for commercial, industrial and residential development and you also have to develop and maintain public services such as utilities and transport. You have to learn how to handle and manage finite resources for doing a multitude of tasks and have to come to terms with the consequences of making difficult decisions thereby improving your intelligence.


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