Microsoft DeLorean Launch Expected for Combating Cloud Gaming Lag
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Microsoft DeLorean Launch Expected for Combating Cloud Gaming Lag

Microsoft DeLorean Launch Expected for Combating Cloud Gaming Lag

The software giant has decided to take on the fourth dimension that can be used for improving the gaming capabilities of individuals that are based on cloud. This doesn’t mean that Microsoft has managed to bend order and time helping people in playing their favorite video game. However, the company is preparing for DeLorean launch by testing this speculative execution engine. The primary purpose of developing DeLorean is bring a reduction in the effect that lag can have on cloud gaming. This means that if there ever is a point where people don’t need to purchase copies of games or run them from consoles and instead access them through a centralized and powerful server, then Microsoft wants its users to have the same experience the local way.

Microsoft’s research indicates that when gamers play a multiplayer game, they will be able to notice latency as little as 60 milliseconds. Gamers start getting annoyed when the game moves north of 100 milliseconds. The results of user engagement get worse by nearly 75% when the game jumps from anywhere between 150 to 250 milliseconds. This indicates that lag is not good and it continues to irritate people when they are playing. However, when DeLorean was used, Microsoft enabled users to experience lag of 250 milliseconds without them even realizing or noticing it.

The company said that they had tested DeLorean on a first person shooter based on twitch called Doom 3 and an action roleplaying game called Fable 3 because they are included in popular game genres that have quick and demanding response times. This has enabled the company to remain optimistic about using this system in other genres as well. Microsoft said that they had discovered gamers preferred to have DeLorean overwhelm the high RTT times as compared to naked exposure to long lags. In return, cloud gaming providers have the opportunity to provide a high level of user experience to a large community.

Microsoft has been able to create this system by observing the actions of a user at any point and then extrapolating the possible movements. A group pf these movements is streamed to a player’s console from a server. Hence, when the player makes a decision of what they plan to do, the scene or game is already set to go. However, this means that a whole lot of data is accumulated by the system because a gamer can consider lots of possibilities at any given point.

Added bandwidth is consumed by the transmission of possible outcomes from the server to the console. Microsoft said that they had managed to reduce this expense by coming up with a video encoding scheme that can offer improved compression as compared to regular encoding because it takes advantage of the visual similarity in speculated outcomes. DeLorean is able to offer a higher bitrate as opposed to standard cloud gaming systems so the added cost is considered a reasonable trade-off as uses are able to benefit from the low-latency interactivity that this system offers to them.


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