iPhone X Review: A Phone of the Future
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iPhone X Review: A Phone of the Future

iPhone X Review: A Phone of the Future

The iPhone X was Apple’s anniversary phone; a huge gamble that was exactly what the company’s headsets needed. Other than the original iPhone that was launched in 2007, this new device is slated to have the biggest impact on the smartphone company’s future. Apple itself has regarded the iPhone X as the future of the smartphone and it embodies exactly what they have been trying to achieve since the first iPhone. The Cupertino brand begun taking risks last year when it decided to remove the headphone jack from its new phones. The trend continued this year as it did away with some reliable and key elements like the home button and the touch ID fingerprint scanner.

However, the risk seems to have paid off because the iPhone X is the handset that Apple fans have been demanding all these years, but the only problem is that it comes with a whopping $999 price tag. Is it worth it? Let’s take a look:


The screen of the new iPhone is hard to miss and it is probably the first thing you will notice because it blazes into your eyes when you pick it up. The 5.8-inch OLED is impressive to say the least and pulls ahead of all other iPhones in terms of quality, sharpness, color reproduction and the way it fills the front of the phone. OLED tech means you get to enjoy blinding whites and deeper blacks so everything will look a bit better. While Samsung has been using it for a while, it has the Apple touch now, which means it is crisp, clean and doesn’t face any major color shifts.

There are slight bands on the edges, but they don’t get in the way. But, the notch at the top that houses the new TrueDepth camera could be a problem. HDR Playback is another new feature showcased by the display, which means you can watch movies in the Dolby Vision and HDR10 formats. This adds to the depth and richness. There is also the True Tone display that adjusts the balance of the screen according to the lighting conditions around it.

iPhone X Review: A Phone of the Future

Face ID

Touch ID, the fingerprint-scanning system, has been replaced with Face ID, a facial recognition system. Setting up is quite easy as you just need to let it view your face, spin it a couple of times and you are ready to go. As long as the phone can see your nose, eyes and mouth, you can unlock it with ease. The facial recognition on the phone is exceptional and works really well. It doesn’t matter if you are in low light, dark or moving; the phone will unlock. It is also used for Apple Pay thanks to the TrueDepth camera.


This is another feature using the TrueDepth camera where you can create talking emojis with your own face. It is quite fun as you can be a talking cat, dog, unicorn, robot or even a piece of poo. The facial mapping is accurate and the sheer quality is going to surprise you. When you push your eyebrows up, the alien’s eyebrows go up to and a flicker is going to make the unicorn’s ears flap. Plus, you can also send the Animojis even if your friends don’t have the iPhone X, but they won’t not be able to reciprocate.

iPhone X Review: A Phone of the Future


Predictably, gaming is also powerful on the new device and it plays almost all titles really well. Another key component of Apple’s strategy is AR gaming where you play games within a plane overlaid on your surroundings in real life. It works quite well on games that have been optimized for it. The top gaming titles look colorful and bright on the OLED display so gaming is also going to be fun on the iPhone X. The Taptic Engine i.e. the vibrating motor also improves the gaming aspect.


The camera on the iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X are very similar with only slight differences. Both boast a 12MP sensor, but the iPhone 8 Plus has a f/2.8 aperture whereas the X has an aperture of f/2.4 and optical image stabilization is only available in the wide-angle lens. As far as the front True Depth is concerned, it is of 7MP, but comes with some very smart capabilities that make it one of the best cameras for taking selfies. The new Portrait mode blurs the background and you also have the option of cutting yourself from the picture, changing the lightning or putting yourself in a black background.

In simple terms, the iPhone X has a camera that can give you stunning pictures, which are rich in detail and the photos come out all natural-looking. The camera performs really well, even in low light conditions and also when the light is fading. The rear Portrait mode is also a good one and the effect of the changes is sensational. The video capabilities in the phone are amongst the best as you can record 4K videos at 60 frames per second, which gives you fluid and clear images, but they will take up space on your phone.


As compared to the iPhone 8 Plus, the battery of the iPhone X is a touch larger at about 2716mAh. It is quite a large battery from Apple, but considering the big screen, it is totally justified. Yes, the battery performance may not be mind-blowing, but it is considerably better than some old iPhones and definitely more than acceptable. The battery doesn’t drain as quickly as it did with other devices and you are still left something to spare at the end of the day, even after using your phone constantly. The A11 Fusion chip is probably the reason for the improved battery life and you also have the option of wireless charging.

The iPhone X is the phone that every iPhone fan has been dreaming about and Apple has finally provided them with what they want. It is worthy of the excitement, even if the price tag is a bit too high.


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