4 Top Reasons for Getting Your Website Monitored

4 Top Reasons for Getting Your Website Monitored

4 Top Reasons for Getting Your Website Monitored

Your website may be hosted in a supercloud or in the best data center of the world, but this doesn’t mean you can avoid outages altogether. Even the topnotch websites like Google, Facebook and Amazon are known to suffer from this problem every now and then. There are just too many factors that can cause issues such as software, hardware, human errors or even third-party actions. So, what should you do? One of the best solutions is to get your website monitored. Why? Here are some of the best reasons to consider website monitoring:

1.   You are the first person to know when your site goes down

How would you like to find out that your website is down? A phone call from an angry customer? A summon from your boss? An SMS or email from your website monitoring service? The answer is quite simple. The moment there is a failure at your website, you will be sent an alert within 60 seconds so you can react swiftly to rectify the problem and ensure your website is up and running quickly.

2.   You can minimize the downtime as well as its consequences

The downtime of your website can have long lasting consequences that every business wants to avoid. You are going to lose a lot of traffic, especially if the problem takes time to fix and there is a good chance that potential customers and leads are lost to competitors. With website monitoring, you are instantly alerted to the trouble and are able to take appropriate actions for resolving the situation. Since you have a better handle on the situation, you are able to minimize the consequences.

3.   You can check the quality of your web hosting provider

Another great benefit of website monitoring is that it gives you an idea of the kind of service your web hosting provider is offering. When you sign up with a hosting service, they make plenty of claims, but do they actually follow through? What better way to check this than monitor them? Website monitoring keeps you informed of when your website is not showing properly, suffering from performance issues or going through a downtime. You can then assess the standard of your web hosting provider and make changes, if necessary.

4.   You can detect unauthorized interference in your website

One of the most useful reasons for website monitoring is that it can tell you if your website files are being access by someone unauthorized. This means that you are able to detect if there is a virus or hackers have gained access to your site and are trying to modify or compromise files. Armed with this information, you can take quick steps to ensure your website remains secure and sensitive information is not compromised.

There are various other reasons for hiring a website monitoring service like Uptimia.com. Not only do they monitor for uptime, but also track the page speed, monitor transactions and also look for errors to ensure your website is able to function properly.


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