4 Ways to Choose a Brightly Lit Gas Station with Canopy Lighting

4 Ways to Choose a Brightly Lit Gas Station with Canopy Lighting

4 Ways to Choose a Brightly Lit Gas Station with Canopy Lighting

Everyone’s been on a car trip with family and friends. While you are on the trip, you will need to stop for gas once in a while. Where would you rather stop? 1. An underlit dark and shady looking gas station, or 2. A well-lit and bright gas station which seems welcoming for a snack stop. For most of you, it’s going to be a well-lit gas station stop every time.

This article covers the advantages of using LED Canopy lighting like the Tom Sawyer construction retrofits over traditional sodium bulbs like in the olden days. You can learn more about them here – http://tomsawyerconstruction.com/

  1. The intensity of lights increases.

While the old traditional sodium lights tend to give out a yellow and unattractive look to passers-by, the LED canopy lighting gives a refreshing white glow to the whole area. People tend to be attracted more towards such white lights because it gives them a sense of peace and relief due to the constant illumination. The sodium lights also cause excessive glare which travelers are not very fond of, especially after driving for miles before finding a spot to rest.

  1. Saves time & Money.

Sodium bulbs tend to be made of weaker filaments which blow up at the slightest surge possible. These are highly unreliable and quite often be the reason for a high bill for maintenance. This can be avoided by using something like the Tom Sawyer construction retrofits LED Canopy Lights. It is a bulb made for a longer period of time than your daily sodium bulbs.

  1. Saves on the Energy bill.

Sodium bulbs are largely infamous for driving up the utility bills. This can be avoided by using something like Tom Sawyer construction retrofits LED Canopy Lights. When comparing the energy bills, the stats show that LED canopy lights can save up to nine times on the energy bill. That is a definitive and decision-making point right there to go with LED rather than the traditional sodium bulb option.

  1. The use of your creativity.

When you are using yellow sodium bulbs to light up your gas station, it shows a monochromatic imaginative level. Instead, you can customize the look of your gas station to your personality through easily mountable LED canopy lighting. You will find that people owning different gas stations have different personalities. You can set your gas station according to it. You can light up the place with bright green lights if you’re a fan of the environment. You can light it up with bright blue if you like the sky. The options are endless and there are services available on the internet that can set it up for you.

These are just a few of the advantages of using LED canopy lights over traditional sodium lights. These tend to be highly cost-efficient and also attract customers from all backgrounds alike. The monotonous yellow of the sodium bulb has been long over-written by LED canopy lighting. You cannot find a more cost-efficient and effective way of increasing your business. There are various outlets online where you can buy these lights from.


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