How Email Marketers Can Boost Customer Engagement

How Email Marketers Can Boost Customer Engagement

How Email Marketers Can Boost Customer Engagement

Even with a large number of digital marketing channels coming to the fore, marketers always love the fact that email marketing, perhaps the earliest digital marketing channel, continues to deliver the highest return on investment by far. However, email marketers would be naïve to assume that they would get great results simply by hashing together a message and hitting the send button. To execute a successful email marketing campaign, you need to really think it through and avoid common pitfalls that can affect your email’s ability to communicate. Some practical tips that will help you to pack more punch into your email marketing:

Ensure Relevant Personalization of the Email Message

Marketers tend to look silly and unprofessional when their efforts to personalize emails miss the mark. For example, some customers may think it funny while others would get plain irritated at getting emails inviting them to attend events at places which are far from where they live. Advancements in technology like geolocation and tools enabling contextual marketing let the savvy marketers create email campaigns that can communicate to recipients at the time they are likely to be most receptive. Even though delivering content that is interesting and relevant to the customer at the time they are likely to be most receptive may sound a little creepy, but you really can’t deny that by doing so you have the highest engagement and conversions.

Respond With Triggered Emails

Most of the customer actions are pretty much standard and thus do not need to be answered individually. The best thing to do is to respond to these actions using a setup that is automatic. When a particular action takes place, the system can recognize the trigger and immediatelyrespond with a preformatted message. The reason why triggered email responses are important is because they serve to engage the customer when the action taken by them is still on the top of their minds. With an automatic system, you only need to respond manually to non-standard actions such as email queries that require custom answers. Virtually every bulk mailer in Mumbai will offer the technology platforms required for automated responses.

Send Content That Is Meaningful and Relevant

The success of marketing depends on whether your content or offer is relevant and useful to the customer. If a customer is not satisfied with what he is getting from you, he will fulfill his requirement from somewhere else. You can take cues from the purchase history of the customer or his browsing habits. Understanding customer behavior and curating content relevant to that behavior will enable you to add value to your email content.

Common Mistakes in Email Marketing

Relying on A/B Testing Completely

While it can be very helpful to conduct A/B testing to figure out which communication works better with customers, it would be unwise to assume that the indicated preference holds true for the entire audience set. The way to beat this fallacy is to focus on developing messages that have content relevant to the context.

Making Assumptions Regarding Frequency of Offers

As a marketer, it is unwise to make any sort of assumption regarding the interval you should allow between consecutive emails. It really depends on the nature of the sector you operate in and the engagement level of your subscribers. While a real estate review may be sent every couple of weeks, a stock exchange commentary would merit sending every day. Getting to know the ideal frequency is a matter of experimentation till you get it right.

Make Sure Subject Lines of Emails Are Mobile-Friendly

There is no arguing about the importance of the subject line of email messages. They provide the reason for a recipient opening them. Because an increasing number of users are now accessing their email accounts from their mobiles, it is vital that the subject lines make sense even in the relatively smaller screen size. It is better to grab the readers’ attention with a few important words than getting too creative and lengthening the subject line to an extent that it can no longer be read in its entirety. Keeping to less than 50 characters, usually, works.


The success of your email marketing campaign depends on whether you are sending stuff that is relevant and timely. It is a good idea to focus on contextual emails so that the readers are more engaged and the chances of getting conversions better. Avoiding common mistakes made by my email marketers can also keep your subscribers more invested in you.


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