iPhone 8; All the Rumors about Apple’s Anniversary Phone
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iPhone 8; All the Rumors about Apple’s Anniversary Phone

iPhone 8; All the Rumors about Apple’s Anniversary Phone

It is time for Apple to make its move. The Galaxy S8 is now available with all of its new features and Samsung is about to get a jump on its biggest rival as it will launch a brand new Galaxy Note this week. This means that there is a lot of pressure on the iPhone maker to beat or at least meet Samsung with its next smartphone launch. Also, Apple’s plans are going to be scrutinized really hard because this year marks the 10-year anniversary of the first iPhone. It is a good thing for the company that the rumors about the iPhone 8 suggest that something big is coming.

The next phone of the company will reportedly boast a completely new design and have an all-glass enclosure. For the first time, the device will also have an OLED display, wireless charging, new augmented-reality capabilities and a revamped Touch ID feature. According to speculation, three new iPhones will be rolled out by Apple and the high-end version will be packed with the most features and will also probably break the bank.

Some of the things you can expect to see in the new iPhone 8 are outlined below:

  1. Proof of Wireless Charging

Ever since last year, rumors have indicated that Apple will finally introduce wireless charging in the iPhone 8. It is also expected that the feature may also be introduced for the modest updates that will be made to the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. There was a leaked photo of the iPhone 8 and it depicts components that will make wireless charging possible.

  1. Smarter Notifications

Reports indicate that users will be able to stop their phone from buzzing just by looking at it. Some code was discovered by a developer that shows that notifications will be muted by your phone when you are staring at the screen.

  1. A revamped home button

The extended screen of the iPhone 8 is going to take away the physical home button and replace it with a virtual option. Moreover, the virtual button is probably going to behave differently than usual. It will be able to resize itself and even disappear at times when it is not needed like when you are watching videos or playing games.

Release Date

For the last couple of years, Apple has held its phone launch events in September and the phones arrive in the same month. However, this time, a delay is expected and the iPhone 8 is probably going to show up in October. The reason behind the delay is said to be the fact that Apple is releasing three phones this time around, there are also supply issues and Apple engineers have some more work to do for ensuring all the features function perfectly.

Yet some analysts have said that the phone will arrive in September, along with the modest updates to the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, but the iPhone 8 will be in short supply and is expected to run out.


Rumors have indicated that the iPhone 7s and the iPhone 7s Plus will be of the same size as their current versions, but there will be some changes expected in the iPhone 8. Reports have indicated that Apple will go big with its third iPhone and will probably add a display of 5.8 inch. These rumors are based on the schematics that were posted on several websites. But, others have also indicated that the phone’s screen will be of 5.1 inch, which means it will fall in the middle of the other two.

Regardless of the size of the display, Apple’s existing lineup is not going to be dwarfed in any case. It is possible that the iPhone 7s Plus will remain the biggest phone in the company’s lineup. No matter, the biggest specification that people are looking forward to seeing in the iPhone 8 is the display. An OLED panel is expected to replace the usual LCD screens and Samsung will be the one supplying them with the panels. This display offers better viewing angles and richer colors.

It is also rumored that Apple may just might go with a curved design with its latest smartphone. The phone’s screen will also have a higher resolution than what is found on an Apple phone right now. The Cupertino, California giant is also expected to add a faster processor to the device, but the chipset in the iPhone 7 updates will stay the same. The RAM could also be given an update in the iPhone 8 and also more storage.

There has also been lots of speculation about the price tag of the 10th anniversary phone. The cost could be more than $1000, which would make it its most expensive phone yet and may not be affordable for all.


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