How Much Do You Earn Per 1000 Views On YouTube?

How Much Do You Earn Per 1000 Views On YouTube?

How Much Do You Earn Per 1000 Views On YouTube?

In the Era when Bollywood releases two or more movies a week, the time when making your thoughts go viral takes just a second, it is no longer difficult to make some money but now it all depends on you. How much will it take to satisfy you? YouTube has given each individual a platform to showcase their talent and earn money through the acceptance of the audience and the best part is, it all comes with no cost. Why not let your talents earn you some money with a lot of popularity. Just a word of caution, do not copy the existing video because it will lead to the copywriter violation which is purely a crime. Create something original and let the world appreciate it. To get started, you have to create an account. Once you have created the account, you can easily upload your videos and within no time it will be viral all across the world.

Why choose YouTube?

YouTube is one of the most trending websites due to its popularity among the larger audience. From being the most convenient site to upload videos till making guaranteed money, YouTube has always provided entertainment from the public to the public. If you have something that you want to share with the whole world, you have a platform which provides you this service completely free of cost and on top that you can make money by doing so.

What will make you earn money on YouTube?

When you use YouTube as a means of interaction to the audience, it is essential to be sure about the mass acceptance. Make videos that are more likely to be searched by the audience because that will increase your chances to come to the limelight. At times a nice ending which promises another video to be much better can compel people to subscribe your channel which will increase your YouTube views because the person who liked your video is most likely to suggest it to other people and the chain carries on itself.  It is now very convenient to viral your videos with the means of any social media. Will you prefer to create something that is only viewed by thousand people or something which is accepted by millions? Remember it is not about the number of likes you get but it is those views that help one to make money. If someone skips the advertisement then you are not likely to be paid for that because that will not be considered in the viewed category. You can easily keep a check on these small details by going to the analytical page in which all the activities are maintained.

Does YouTube really pay you?

Yes, YouTube pays people according to the views you get in your video. YouTube pays a minimum $2 for each 1000 views but it can easily vary from person to person. There are people who even get $5 to $8 for per 1000 views. It may sound tricky but think in terms of quality. Once a person becomes more popular and is started being recognized beyond their region, it leads to the increment in their salary. There are many Youtubers who are doing this work on their full-time basis and are making a pretty good amount of money.

Why does YouTube pay you?

You might be wondering why someone just gives away money to the people to make videos and get views from the audience? The answer is right in front of you but it may not come to your notice by now. Did you notice a 22-second advertisement in the beginning of all the videos? It is the promotional strategy for many companies. YouTube gets paid for per view and then it gives you 55% of the profit and keeps the remaining 45%. So it does not matter what video you create unless you get a decent amount of views, and getting more views is always appreciated.

How long do you have to wait before you start getting paid?

To start getting paid in YouTube, it is very important for you to enable Monetization. The videos for which you enable Monetization will become eligible for an advertisement for which you will get paid. If you do not enable Monetization you won’t earn any money from YouTube.

How to enable Monetization

Click on your image which appears on the top of the right corner.

yt 1

Now click on Creator Studio.

yt 2

Click on CHANNEL.

yt 3

Choose the option Status and Feature.

yt 4

You will find a block of Monetization, just click on enable.

yt 5

Now you are all set to get paid by YouTube, Just sit back and wait for the cash to flow into your account.

How can you withdraw money earned in YouTube?

YouTube uploads your salary in 1 of every month, but you cannot withdraw unless you have a minimum of $100 in your account. Don’t worry if you cannot make that much money in the first month because your money will easily be carried forward in the next month and so on until you withdraw it. Put your account details in the payment option and then your money will be transferred to your account within no time.

If you maintain your YouTube channel properly, it can help you to earn more money than you expected. Even though it is not easy to gain popularity but with the right content and idea, you can make a huge difference.

Once you start getting paid in YouTube it is advisable to upload videos often so that you can come every now and then to notice of the public because if you discontinue making a video, then your previous videos will stop getting any appreciation and your recognition will soon fade away. Maybe something else will prevail over YouTube in future but until then keep viewing and uploading videos before the previous one gets trashed away. Create, View, Subscribe and so on.


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