5 Top Instagram Marketing Strategies for Businesses
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5 Top Instagram Marketing Strategies for Businesses

5 Top Instagram Marketing Strategies for Businesses

After Facebook, the next social media platform that has rocked the internet is Instagram. It is an incredibly powerful platform for marketers because it leverages visual content for getting results. Nearly 28% of the US population is now using Instagram, which means that businesses will not find a better place for promoting their visual content. It is a great way for a business to establish their presence and it also encourages engagement, which is a plus. However, there is tough competition on Instagram and you need to be smart if you want to tap into its potential. How can you do that?

These five Instagram Marketing tips are going to help you in your quest:

Shooting square

Your Instagram feed can only look as great as your photos so the best way to make your marketing on Instagram more effective is to start with high-quality pictures. Shooting square is one of the best ways to compose better photos and save time. This setting is available in numerous digital cameras and smartphones, which makes it easy to do. You can save time on cropping and there is no risk of essential elements getting cropped out.

Track your traffic

One of the important things that marketers need to be aware of is how much traffic is being driven by their Instagram account to their website. There are lots of tools you can find for this purpose and you should take advantage of them to know if your strategy is working or change is needed. You can also get the help of reliable social media marketing companies, for instance, Social Connection can be trusted in this regard.

Make cross promoting a priority

Try and cross promote wherever possible. The Instagram trend is to share and spread the love, which means that you should tag other services or even promote other businesses, products and services outright. Give credit where credit is due as this will provide you with even greater exposure and you can get the same in return. You get higher recognition, see a boost in your followers and benefit from increased traffic and sales.

Timing is everything

You should make this your mantra; timing can make a huge difference in a hit or miss. If you are posting photos at a time when most of your audience is not online, you are not going to get the response you desire. Also, you have to have a schedule for putting up photos rather than doing it randomly or when you get time. Use an Instagram scheduler if you have trouble in creating a schedule and establish a pattern so your audience knows what to expect and when. Check out this Follow Adder Review – An Archie Alternative It can be pretty helpful with Instagram.

Make use of trending hashtags

Every day, new hashtags are trending on Instagram, which means that they are being widely used. Why don’t you take advantage of these trends and use them with your pictures. This is going to get your posts more exposure because your pictures will be listed when the hashtag is searched. Nonetheless, don’t try to stuff the trending hashtags in. Make sure they are relevant to get the most out of them.


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