4 Best Digital Trade Show Trends in 2017

4 Best Digital Trade Show Trends in 2017

4 Best Digital Trade Show Trends in 2017

Every year, trade show exhibitors and organizers brainstorm ways of making the event stand out for drawing in more retail buyers, wholesale distributors and industry influencers. You have to pay close attention to the rising and falling trends in the industry for making the most out of your trade show program. As long as you stay ahead of these trends, you will be able to reach a millennial-dominated and evolving audience and stay on track to achieving your sales and marketing goals. In 2017, technology features have become a prominent part of trade show displays as they can come in handy for enhancing brand recognition and product promotion.

Some of the top digital trade show trends that can be seen in 2017 are highlighted below:

1.   Virtual Reality

From Samsung Gear VR to Google Cardboard, virtual reality has become more accessible, which means it is gaining popularity amongst the millennials. Exhibitors find virtual reality a unique as well as cost-effective way of truly showcasing their abilities because it can take the viewers right to your product regardless of distance. Facebook 360 photos can be immensely useful in this regard as the 360-degree photo can be viewed in virtual reality. You can instantly transport potential clients into the heart of your product, brand and organization by showing photos of your office space, manufacturing facilities, products or staff.

2.   Wearables

Data and fitness enthusiasts are not the only ones who find wearables useful. They are also an innovative solution for trade shows as they can cut down the time-consuming process of data collection and make it quick and simple. These small devices can be attached to nametag/lanyards and are on both the attendees and exhibitor sides. A data transfer between the two can occur with a simple touch and lead retrieval can become quite straightforward in this way. The exhibitor devices can be kept anywhere in the booth and gives user a hassle-free way of downloading content and viewing it later with a simple tap.

3.   Phone Charging Stations

Trade show visitors are going to be left with sore thumbs and low batteries in no time at all. You can introduce phone charging situations, which is a rising trend, and come to their rescue. You can find numerous companies that can provide you with a variety of charging stations, which are according to the size and design of your booth. This will make your booth an oasis in the desert for every smartphone user if their battery is in the single digits. How is that helpful? The stations, similar to tradeshow displays, can be customized by using graphics and will become an in-the-moment opportunity for branding.

4.   Digital Signage

While this may not be a new technology, it is still versatile due to which it is used widely. Wasteful and expensive brochures can be replaced with large and bright LCD or LED screens and you can create colorful and attractive content to draw the attention of the visitors and market your brand, products and services effectively.


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