Fake Advertisement Called Updated iPhone Waterproof
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Fake Advertisement Called Updated iPhone Waterproof

Fake Advertisement Called Updated iPhone Waterproof

The launch of the new iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C has been greeted with a lot of enthusiasm from the people. Individuals have been desperate to get their hands on the new iPhone 5S especially because this improvement of the iPhone 5 holds a lot more than simple enhancement. There are some really cool introductions that have been incorporated into the updated iPhone, which include the fingerprint scanner, the improved camera and most importantly, the updated iOS 7. These are probably the reason why the iPhones have managed to rack 9 million sales on just the weekend of their release. However, with the excitement, there are some problems as well.

A number of customers found themselves to be the brunt of the joke that was pulled by a fake advertisement of the iPhone 5S. This advertisement basically claimed that updating the iPhone to the iOS 7 would automatically make the device water resistant. At first glance, the particular advertisement seems to be completely genuine and the work of the company itself. This is due to the fact that it uses the familiar fonts and white space, consistent with what Apple Inc. does. It has been deduced that the fake advertisement probably originated from the 4Chan network, but was able to make its way into the mainstream media.

Twitter and Facebook played a significant role in the popularity of this fake advert and a large number of people failed to see the joke and accepted the claims at face value. The advertisement starts off with a description of iOS 7, but carries a headline dictating the waterproof feature associated with the update. As per the details provided, the power supply of the phone will be shut off by a smart-switch in case of an emergency along with corresponding components. The delicate circuitry of the device will be protected from damage in this way.

Various new features are associated with the upgrade of the iOS, but being waterproof is definitely not one of them and this can be testified by the outrage of iPhone owners on Twitter. Currently, Sony and Samsung are the only two companies that are offering water-resistant smartphones in the market. As for the origin of the fake advert, it is well-known that 4Chan has the habit of infiltrating social media and blue chip websites for the sole purpose of hoaxing its users. It has been a part of various high-profile stunts.

Some of them include the rigging of the Person of the Year Poll of Time Magazine in favor of Kim Jong-un, the North Korean leader. Other pranks include targeting the fans of Justin Bieber where the official Entertainment Tonight’ Twitter account had been hacked and had been use to report some ‘breaking news’. This news had stated that the pop superstar had been diagnosed with cancer and fans that admired him and cared about his well-being should be mourning for him. The iPhone prank was simply the latest one and caused a number of people to ruin their new devices by putting them in water.


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