7 Key Features of An Efficient HVAC System

7 Key Features of An Efficient HVAC System

7 Key Features of An Efficient HVAC System

When you are going to install a new HVAC system in your house, you should know that this a pretty expensive investment. Most of the times, HVAC systems are some of the most costly purchases that home owners will make when they are upgrading their homes. Even though these are super necessary to ensure your home is warm or cool at the right times, you are going to have to pay a pretty penny to have one installed. That’s why you should be aware of all of the top features every HVAC system should have. Keep reading down below to learn more about the top ones and why you should have them as part of your HVAC system.

  1. The Right Sizing for Your Home or Area You Are Trying to Cool/Heat

First of all, in terms of features, sizing of your HVAC system is probably the most important one. If you don’t have the right size of HVAC in your home, you are either going to be not cooling/heating it enough or you are going to have an overactive system which will cost you even more with your energy bills. You should ensure that whoever is installing your HVAC system knows the right size for your home or office.

  1. The Modularity & Zoning

It’s been shown that if you take a modular approach to your HVAC system, you are going to be saving a lot of money on your energy bills every month. If you zone off your HVAC system, you are going to be able to decide which areas of your space you would like to heat or cool at a certain time. We all know that there are floors or areas of our homes/offices that just don’t need the help of an HVAC during certain hours of the day.

  1. The Ability to Change Up the Speed of The Fan

Depending on what your needs are, you might need less or more cold/hot air flowing through your home. A high quality HVAC system is going to come with options to change up the speed depending on the needs of your home at any certain time. Make sure that your HVAC system comes with this option if you want an efficiently warmed or cooled home.

  1. Presence of Economizers

Whenever your home or office is cooler than the exterior environment, then you are going to want economizers on your HVAC system. That’s because when this happens, an economizer will pull in that warmer air from outside and move it into the space that’s cooler. This is going to cut down on your energy bills and help you act more sustainably.

  1. Additional Dehumidification Options

Of course, sometimes your home needs more than just cold or warm air blowing through it. You should see if you can get an HVAC system with extra dehumidification options to dehumidify the air in your home. This is going to make your house or office so much more comfortable!

  1. Sensors for Carbon Dioxide

There are even some HVAC units that can detect how many people are heating up the inside of your office or house. When there is nobody inside of the building, then the HVAC unit adjusts accordingly. When there are more people inside heating up the building, then the cooling levels adjust. How remarkable is that?

  1. Thermostats That Are Completely Programmable

Of course, sometimes you want to keep more control over your HVAC system, rather than having it decide everything for you. Make sure that your HVAC comes with the option of a programmable thermostat. This will ensure that you can control the heating or cooling of your home whenever you would like.

There you have it! Choosing an HVAC system is going to be super easy when you have this information on your side. Ensure that the unit you choose comes with these features and you are going to be well off whenever you need to heat or cool your home next.


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