Spy On iPhone Text Messages Without Jailbreak: Spying Hack

Spy On iPhone Text Messages Without Jailbreak: Easiest Spying Hack

Spy On iPhone Text Messages Without Jailbreak: Spying Hack

Let me tell you a great story—the story of no parenting or employee management woes. Where no one has to deal with each other’s crap, and everyone lives happily ever after. Unfortunately, there isn’t really true, as no such story can withstand the atrocities of this century.

Living in the 21st century reiterates the fact that we have to quit with the obsolete techniques of spying, and that’s why, this read is just about how you can spy on iPhone text messages without jailbreak with ease, and within your budget.

So basically, there are two kinds of iPhone spying app: Jailbreak spy apps and Nojailbreak spy apps, and before you want to know why no jailbreaking is the real deal, you need to know how the both apps work.

The problem with downloading and installing Jailbreak spy apps

Spy On iPhone Text Messages Without Jailbreak: Spying Hack

To download and install jailbreak spying apps. You got to do a lot of things. First, you need to jailbreak your iOS device, you can do this by taking some help from YouTube or a professional. Then, you have to download the app onto your computer. You can’t install the app directly onto your iPhone, because spying apps aren’t available on the iOS App Store. After that, you can use the iTunes to transfer the app onto the target iOS device.

What are the downside with this procedure? Many. You can just simply jailbreak your latest iPhone or iPad that’s still under warranty, as jailbreaking would simply void it. If you are spying on someone secretly, it’s not really possible for you to first get your target person’s iPhone, jailbreak it, install the app and then return the phone to its original location without alerting them, because it will take enough time for the other person to know that their phone is already missing.

XNSPY provides discrete, affordable and simple monitoring

Spy On iPhone Text Messages Without Jailbreak: Spying Hack

With a powerful and reliable app like Xnspy, you wouldn’t have to go through all the aforementioned. It’s iCloud version for iOS provides you the ultimate spying experience without any download or installation. If text messages spying is what you are looking for, you can easily do that by accessing the online control panel.

Using XNSPY is as easy as playing SimCity (it’s even easier than that). All you need is the other person’s iCloud details, xnspy’s subscription (that starts from as low as $8.33/month) and a web browser. After you have successfully subscribed, open cp.xnspy.com, enter your account details, and add your iOS device by providing the iCloud ID and password of the target person you want to spy on. And when you are monitoring someone’s cell phone with this app, you wouldn’t have to worry about getting caught, because xnspy is absolutely discrete.

And above all, you don’t need to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad.

XNSPY—More than just an affordable app

Spy On iPhone Text Messages Without Jailbreak: Spying Hack

On this website, we talk a lot about value for money, but this app is a lot more than just an affordable app. When you are spying one someone, you need to make sure of other’s privacy. Using a substandard app for spying would risk your users’ privacy due to the unencrypted online portals where all the uploaded data is stored. Also, the app provides almost a dozen features ensuring you can get all the necessary data from the monitored phone. Check out if these monitoring features will do the job for you.

Phone logs monitoring. You can spy on all the major phone logs, like calls, text messages, emails, contacts, internet surfing history, saved notes and calendar entries.

Social media monitoring. Nojailbreak apps don’t really provide social media spying hack, but Xnspy can keep some tabs on WhatsApp, Kik, Viber, Skype and iMessage call logs, chats and shared multimedia. For some parents and couples, apps like iMessage for PC are just enough to get the insight about social media usage from the monitored cell phone.

Access to installed apps list. Do you know that majority of the people use vault and secretive apps to hide their installed apps, folders and multimedia? That’s why you need to have access to the monitored user’s installed apps list. You wouldn’t know if your partner is on Tinder, unless you are using XNSPY to check their apps list.

Access to Saved photos, videos and audio recordings. One collateral reason to spy on someone is to get access to their multimedia. It’s sinister, but if you have a no-evil-agenda, you can use xnspy to get access to saved photos, videos and audio recordings.

View location history logs. Last time I checked on nojailbreak apps, they had nothing to do with location tracking. But now, it’s possible with xnspy. Though you can’t access real-time location, but location history logs can still do the job for most of the people.

No jailbreak apps are getting better, and they are the future

Spy On iPhone Text Messages Without Jailbreak: Spying Hack

A year ago, the technological spectrum was different and iCloud apps weren’t as advanced as they are now. You can also check the XNSPY’s website to learn more about how to spy on iPhone text messages without jailbreak.

And remember: Not every iCloud spy app is same, and therefore, you really need to keep your eyes open before clicking the “buy now” button.


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