How Wireless Router Has Become a Great Companion for Businessmen

How Wireless Router Has Become a Great Companion for Businessmen

How Wireless Router Has Become a Great Companion for Businessmen

Wireless Router is more Advance today, more Secure today, and offer greater experience within the Network Environment. You may deploy at One Room Network Infrastructure to Multiple Layer Infrastructure. Router looks more vulnerable when you use with Switches, Firewall, and other components. No Network Infrastructure can be completed without the integration of this Device. You may see everywhere; Universities, Schools, Hospitals, Datacenters, Network Infrastructure, Server Room, Corporations, and so on where Internet connectivity is required as well as Secure Environment.

The best part of Wireless Routers is to be Security-Enabled. Earlier it was WEP Secure environment, now it runs with WPA/WPA-2 i.e. Advance Encryption Model of Security.

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You may get confused sometime that how Router has role to play in Home Connectivity, Business Network, Datacenter, IT Infrastructure, and so on? Wireless Router is nothing more than a Device who enables you for Internet Connectivity without help of Wires. No Network Infrastructure, IT Infra, and Server Rooms can work without this Device.

You need to understand a Network Model as per your requirement, just go through 2 scenarios as mentioned below for your better understanding:

  1. IT Company

If you are an IT Company who provides Cloud Hosting Services for your Customers!

You may build Network comprises of Internet Line/Lease Line/Broadband Line, Firewall, Wireless Router, Switches, and other components like Load Balancers in Cooling Space.

Customer connects with the Router, Firewall connects with the Router Port, and Switches connects with the Firewall, and Rest of the Components connects with the Switch. You as a Service Provider can build your Network Infra based on that.

  1. Individual User

You are a single entrant who works on an Online Project, and your requirement is to be online for 6-7 hour and can’t afford wiring at your premises!

You require Wireless Router with Internet Line. Ask your ISP to give you Wireless Router with 802.11ac and up to 50Mbps Transmission Speed and Internet Line. It works well!

  1. Multiple Users

You require an Internet for your Family of 5 People!

You may ask your Service Provider to give you Wireless Router with 8Ports Connectivity and Internet Line. Wireless Router will distribute the Internet to all of the users at one-point-of-time. It may not affect your Speed; therefore you may go for latest Technology 802.11ac and MIMO.

  1. College/School

There is a requirement for Internet Line that will carry 50+ Number of Users load at one-period-of-time in Limited Duration!

This is huge task as it will cater subsequent load without any down-time. There can be configuration like Wireless Router, Switches, Firewall, and Load Balancer along with other Components. Wireless Router will route the Internet to at Source IP without any Interruption, Switch will help you in switching to any Network, Firewall will protect you from any malicious activity and not allow to external sources to penetrate in Internal Network, and Load Balancer will take care of Maximum Load at any-point-of-time.

Wireless Router is prominent role to play in your Internet arrangements as it has come up with Integrated Solution as well that can be configured using IP address. has complete information and details to configure wireless routers.



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