Using a VPN Service? You Should Be: Here's Why
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Using a VPN Service? You Should Be: Here’s Why

Using a VPN Service? You Should Be: Here's Why

No doubt, the internet is amazing – but with everything available everywhere (and all the time), use a VPN service to protect your privacy. Here’s what to know.

Are your internet activities as safe as you think they are?

If you think simply installing an antivirus is all it takes to stay safe on the web, think again.

Setting up a VPN is the best way to safeguard all of your online activities.

Don’t know what that is? That’s OK.

Once you review this guide, you’ll understand how vital a VPN is to your online safety and will be setting one up in no time.

What Is A VPN?

VPN stands for virtual private network. A VPN is created by linking up a group of computers or discrete networks over the internet.

Usually, a VPN client is used to connect to this network.

A person launches the application from their desktop, logs into the client, and they’re authenticated by another server.

Once in, all data is encrypted and safe from eavesdropping.

Many businesses use them to safeguard their data as it travels between different locations.

How can a VPN serve your needs? There are more reasons to use one than not.

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Who Needs A VPN?

Believe it or not, your personal data is more at risk than you think.

You face threats from everything from credit card skimmers to anyone who picks up your phone and starts scrolling.

If government agencies aren’t immune, then neither are you.

With online attacks getting more and more serious, you need to find a way to lock down your data and fast.

If you think you’ve got your activity on lock, do you do any of the following things?

Are You A Digital Nomad?

Working from home is considered an increasingly viable option in today’s world.

It’s convenient and cost effective to fire up your laptop from a corner cafe and get down to business.

But this is opening you up to a host of security issues.

Free wifi can be a portal to your personal information and you never know who is around, ready to jump at the chance to access it.

Linking up at a cafe or an airport might enable a breach of your private information. Are you willing to continue taking that risk?

Your Online Searches Are Being Tracked.

We all search for sensitive or embarrassing things from time to time; we’re only human.

But have you ever had an ad for something awkward pop up later?

This is just one of the reasons search engines track your every move.

Search engines like Google read your every email and monitor what you look for to create targeted advertising.

Your unsecured information is a goldmine to them.

If you want to drop out of this practice, hooking up a VPN can block them from knowing every single detail of your life.

Do You Exchange A Lot Of Online Files For Work?

Besides telecommuting, you might need to exchange a lot of files with colleagues outside of your local network.

If you’re going to be sending a lot of P2P files, do you really trust they’ll always travel online without incident?

Keeping that information safe isn’t just something the company should do; double up on your protection and keep all of your sensitive documents safe.

Are You A Globetrotter?

Whether you travel for business or for pleasure, you’re going to lose access to a lot of media from your home country.

When you’re out of the country, you’ll miss out on a news report or your favorite show from back home.

Whether you’re away for a week or a year, there’s no reason to not watch the programs you love.

A VPN service opens up access for you, no matter where you are in the world.

Do You Come Across Web Censorship?

This issue can crop up while traveling, but also if you are on a school or business’ server.

You might be in a country with an extremely censored internet.

Your university might lock down certain search terms.

Whatever the reason, it’s extremely frustrating.

If you’ve ever been on a network that has restrictions in place, you know how it can hold you back from anything you need to get done.

Using a VPN can bypass any of these obstacles and give you access to anything you need.

Do You Download?

Let’s face it; torrenting, whether legal or not, is here to stay.

We’re not here to argue for or against it. It’s pretty much a fact of life at this point.

If you torrent, you know the risks that come with it.

You could lose your online access, get slapped with a hefty fine, or even face jail time.

Cloak your torrenting activities with a VPN.

Do You Believe In Online Privacy?

Even if security isn’t your number one worry, do you think that companies and websites have the right to track your every move?

Privacy is a huge concern, and there are questions of whether or not it’s right that you’re expected to give up your information with barely any consent.

Although this is kind of a philosophical reason for getting a VPN, it’s no less valid.

You’re Convinced – But What Should You Look For In A VPN?

Now you know why you need a VPN but how to choose the best one.

There are many things to consider – your privacy isn’t to be taken lightly.

Make sure the VPN provider you go with meets all of these requirements:

  • Bandwidth – A VPN provider should offer unlimited bandwidth
  • Authentication – There should be checks in place to prevent unauthorized access to your account
  • Routing – It should provide access to many secure servers as needed
  • Continuity – Your VPN is worthless if your service drops out from under you. Make sure they have a global network that is secure and stable.
  • It Grows With You – Can your VPN provider grant access to all of your devices?
  • Support – Your VPN provider should be reliable and reachable whenever you have any questions

Take Control Of Your Online Presence

Setting up a VPN is one of the best decisions you can make. Whether your travel, torrent, or just want to be a private citizen, VPNs are the solution to your online issues.

Don’t gamble with your online security. Make sure your sensitive information is locked down and inaccessible.

If you’re ready to upgrade your privacy, choose the best VPN option that may work for you.

Don’t hesitate – protect your identity and your sensitive files today!


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