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5 Reasons why Companies Choose GPSWOX Tracking Software

While privacy advocates may not be huge fans, it is a fact that all devices that we carry around these days comprise of location tracking capabilities. The field of marketing has taken a leap forward by taking advantage of the physical location of the target audience as a criteria for generating the most relevant content for them, thereby helping a business. Sophisticated mobile applications, in-store beacons and promotional on-the-go offerings have all become part of the regular arsenal of weapons used by businesses for customer retention. Not only is GPS tracking helpful for businesses, it has also been a blessing on the personal front; individuals are now empowered to keep track of their family members and other loved ones remotely.

As a matter of fact, this benefit has actually made it possible for people to accept the privacy issues. However, as a lot of devices have GPS tracking capabilities, people want to be able to keep track of multiple devices at the same time. Businesses running a tracking business or those with a fleet of vehicles want to be able to know the location of all their vehicles from one program rather than using several. The problem is that different devices for GPS tracking have varying capabilities, which makes this task difficult. In this situation, GPSWOX is definitely a life saver as it is a free and easy to use GPS tracking software available today.

This new tool enables businesses and individuals alike to track and manage an unlimited number of vehicles and objects online and in real-time. The software is able to achieve its goal by providing you with a host of GPS server features, which include reports, alerts and sensors. Furthermore, it also supports a number of languages and over 300 mobile apps and trackers. Another strong point that works in favor of GPSWOX, as opposed to the other alternatives available in the market, is the customer service it provides.

The service has a very cooperative and strong customer service team and they guarantee worldwide technical support round the clock. Regardless of what day of the week or time it is, you will have absolutely no trouble in getting help if something goes wrong or you have any questions. You can also find a plethora of pricing plans at your disposal and one can be selected according to your needs. There is the free version, which provides the very basic real-time tracking and mobile version capabilities as well.

If you are looking for a package for your tracking business, you can get the corporate version, which can be purchased for $99 per month and can provide unlimited device tracking. This plan also includes some other features like access to information on fuel saving, sensors, accessories and geofencing. GPSWOX has also turned out to be immensely valuable as it lets clients streamline the process of making their activity reports. They can be exported in a horde of formats and include lots of information ranging from distance traveled, stopovers, fuel consumption and driving hours.


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