Taking Your Browsing to Next Level with Baidu Browser
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Taking Your Browsing to Next Level with Baidu Browser

Taking Your Browsing to Next Level with Baidu Browser

How fast we shifted from the era of desktop computers to smartphones, we have no idea. Things have happened at quite a fast pace since the coming of internet. The shift of the entire world from computers to smartphones did not even take full 5 years. Today, there are millions of people in the world who own multiple smartphones and billions of people who have at least one smartphone. The switch was made because smartphones were more convenient to use than personal computers, provided portability and were usable on the go. With that they brought almost everything on the palm of the people.

However, during the process the developers could not match the pace of the surging smartphone industry. The early applications were not the most admirable applications. They were slow, did not look very good and were not optimized properly for smartphones. Smartphones users have always been waiting for a browser that could provide them the speeds of a desktop computer browser. The only company that came up with the right browser that was lightning fast and served smartphone users with all their browser needs was Baidu. Here are some great things about Baidu:

It’s Much Faster Than All Browsers

Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera etc. are some of the most popular browsers used across several platforms. However, these browsers have not been able to deliver great speeds after coming on Android and iOS devices. The proof lies in the presence of several browser applications on app stores that are used by millions of users only to increase the speed of their browsing. Some of these browsers would even slow down the smartphones. On the other hand, Baidu browser has remained the top contender in providing accelerating speeds when it comes to browsing on a smartphone.

You could experience 30% boosts in the speed of your browsing using the Baidu browser. This will make your day more productive and take the annoyance out of your day.

It Has a Small Size

Baidu is much smaller compared to any browsers available on any app stores. There is a light version of the application that is hardly over 1MB in size. This is probably the smallest browser you can find on any app store. In fact, several applications that are nothing more than pictures and basic clicking over a screen are bigger than Baidu. People who don’t have stable internet connections or slow connectivity can download Baidu within seconds. Not to mention the fact that old smartphones don’t have a lot of space on them. Even the new ones are so full of applications that accommodating a big browser is nearly impossible. Baidu’s small size gets past all these problems easily.

It Has an Amazing Interface

You would not want to install a browser on your smartphone that makes your smartphone look ugly. Furthermore, a futuristic look is what more smartphone users are looking for in applications. This is the reason designers have to work so seriously on the interface of all these applications. Baidu is so easy to use that even the first timers will have absolutely no problem in working their way around on this browser. The interface has been kept clean and clutter-free to facilitate fast browsing and an experience free from distraction.

It Can Play Videos Right in The Browser

Baidu comes with an integrated video player that makes it easy for users to watch online videos. It has always been quite annoying for smartphone users that they have to switch between applications for tasks as easy and small as playing a video. You are browsing on a website and there is a video that you have to watch. You play the video and your mobile asks you to open the video in a different application. This breaks your tempo and makes it quite inconvenient for users.

With Baidu, you will never have to switch between applications just to play a video. If there is a video on the page you are on, you can play the video and watch it right then and there.

Users can explore many great options on Baidu when they download this small sized browser on their phones and take advantage of its lightning fast speeds.


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