7 Incredibly Simple Ways to Take Your YouTube Channel to the Next Level
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7 Incredibly Simple Ways to Take Your YouTube Channel to the Next Level

7 Incredibly Simple Ways to Take Your YouTube Channel to the Next Level

While it’s easy enough for even a novice to produce YouTube content, it takes a lot more to truly optimize a channel and keep viewers coming back for more. Yes, there are free templates available that make it easy for first-time producers to create decent content, there are seven strategies that will take your YouTube channel to the next level.

1. Create and Post Content Often

Far too many channels are virtually ignored for weeks at a time. It only makes sense that those who choose to post two or more times per week are likely to generate more views. In most cases, it will pay to develop a set schedule for posting and make sure you stick to it.

2. Be Proud of Yourself

Don’t be afraid to let people know who you are. Self-promotion is important and, when it’s done correctly, will help people form an attachment and encourage them to keep coming back for more. Obviously, the amount of self-promotion will vary according to the type of channel, but viewers relish even a perceived personal connection with a content provider.

3. Hook the Viewer Every Time

It’s vitally important you hook the viewer with every video. Today’s viewers have notoriously short attention spans and will quickly migrate to another video if your offering doesn’t pique their interest. Even one video that lacks a solid hook and content can lead to a viewer not returning.

4. Get Rid of Fluff

Most experts agree that keeping extraneous information to a minimum is crucial. Wasting a viewer’s time with a lot of opening credits or other arguably useless information will not keep a site visitor entertained. That means they’ll simply go elsewhere. That doesn’t do much to enhance your numbers.

5. Organize Your Channel

If your channel includes a variety of content, help your viewers find what they’re looking for. Split the channel into relevant sections that will guide viewers to the different types of content. Even if the section list is only a synopsis of past videos, it will help viewers better understand your channel and find interesting content.

6. Pay Attention to Formatting

All the channel’s content should be orchestrated to attract viewers and make them want to see more. From the colours and fonts used to banners, attractiveness counts. Don’t be afraid to use a quality YouTube banner maker to create an interesting site.

7. Listen to Viewer Comments

Every channel should improve over time, and listening to your channel’s viewers is a great way to determine where improvements can be made. Channels that don’t evolve to meet viewers needs won’t survive. It’s also important to respond to comments to let viewers know you’re paying attention and are actually interested in providing content they’ll enjoy.

Of course, there are many other ways to enhance your YouTube channel, but these seven strategies should help you move your channel to the next level. Since viewers tend to be somewhat fickle, it always pays to revise your channel as needed to keep them coming back for more.

Never be afraid to try new things, but don’t forget about the needs of long-time viewers when doing so. It’s always important to attract new viewers to your YouTube channel, but it’s easier to retain loyal viewers than it is to attract new ones.