9 Ways to Use LinkedIn to Promote Your Company
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9 Ways to Use LinkedIn to Promote Your Company

9 Ways to Use LinkedIn to Promote Your Company

Just like any free social network, the value of LinkedIn can be put to great use when you have a company that needs constant promoting. Below are 9 best ways to use LinkedIn to promote your business.

1.    Recommendations – Not a lot of companies take advantage of LinkedIn’s recommendation feature.  Lots of personal brands that have accounts know the situation and proactively ask for support, but the same feature is quite unexploited by companies. Send an email to all your current clients and ask them to recommend a business in their network. Satisfied customers will surely help you out.
2.    Telling a story – The profiles that companies have on their LinkedIn pages is the first place that candidates looking for a job will scout when they are searching for info on that company. Use this space to tell the story of your brand and speak of your principles. Let your personality come to surface and describe your company’s culture. Why do you provide the ideal workplace? This should attract A-star candidates.
3.    Joining groups – Whether you join an already-existent group or form a new one, people will be interested in your activity and will promote your brand to attract new clients using LinkedIn groups. Make sure you are always part of these groups and follow their promotion advice.
4.    Create consistency – Your personal brand and work need to be aligned. Brands are all about people and people make the brand.
5.    Answering questions – Solving certain question and launching others is the most efficient ways to interact and it can truly boost your business. If you are looking for new client that buy widgets, for example, join the widgets forum and talk to your virtual friends. You can ask for advice from expert and even become one.
6.    Common friends – Use your LinkedIn network of friends to identify potential clients and common partners and get ready to meet them. Your personal and professional relationships are excellent ways of promoting your business.
7.    Virtual portfolio – Business is based on professional connections and LinkedIn knows how to exploit that. This social media channel develops and maintains such connections. You need to build an online reputation through marketing and publish scientific materials. A great LinkedIn reputation is build with consistency and value.
8.    Business vs. personal – Build a company profile and develop it with accurate and relevant content. But don’t keep your personal and professional profiles in the same place. You need to draw a thick line between your professional and personal life.
9.    Interactions – When it comes to using LinkedIn to promote a company, this platform is a great source for developing professional relationships that your business can benefit from. Identifying friends, business partners, will help you develop yourself as a profession. Getting involved in community issues will build popularity for your brand.


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