Samsung Invites Media for Note 7 Launch In New York On August 02

Samsung Invites Media for Note 7 Launch In New York On August 02

Samsung Invites Media for Note 7 Launch In New York On August 02

Samsung is going to launch its Note 7 – a new smartphone in coming month. The launch of the latest device by the South Korean company is a most awaited event in mobile industry so far which will also shut down the rumors swirling about Note 7 amid the market and Samsung’s fans.

Samsung has invited media to join the mega event which is scheduled on August, 02, 2016.  The invitations sent to the media suggests that it is going to be started at 11 in the morning eastern time whereas the venue will be New York’s Hammerstein Ballroom.

The Note 7 is probably one of the smartphones which has accumulated huge popularity even before its release to the market. Earlier, the name of this new flagship smartphone was a mystery and everyone was guessing what Samsung is going to name it. However, the uncertainty ends and it’s finally unveiled as Galaxy Note 7-another premium device by Samsung for its fans.

While the new smartphone is a sixth generation of Samsung’s Galaxy Note, experts are saying it is going to be known as the Note 7 so that the name can be kept with company’s flagship Galaxy S7 series. Another interesting thing is the cancellation of Note 6 by the company and a lot of people are waiting to know the reason which has made Samsung abandon the sixth numerical number.

Not to mention, Samsung is a reputable name in the world of technology. Experts have tried to get an idea of how its new device will look like and what likely features it will be packed with.

Evan Blass is a tech journalist who has been revealing true information about smartphones and other tech devices. Known as one of the best record holders of leaking the information, the journalist says it will flag better than predictable Q1 profit increase.  The smartphone will have a 5.7 inch screen along with the brand’s dual arc display. Another leak suggests it will have an iris scanner which is aimed at unlocking the gadget.

The Note 7 is likely to come with a high-resolution display and a 12megapixel camera. Moreover, it will be having dual-pixel sensor technology. With 4GB RAM and Exynos 8893 chipset, the new smartphone will be one of the most powerful devices in Samsung Galaxy series.

Another rumor says the Note 7 has some wonderful and newer translation features. It will be available in different colors such as white, Silver, Black, and most probably in blue and pink as well. Samsung will start its shipping from mid of the month after its launch in August but the delivery time will still depend on the mobile carrier as well as the region.

On the other hand, the representative from Samsung claims the company has given the reason why it is launching Note 7 instead Note 6. They say they the new product will go together with S7 and S7 edge and will unite company’s products collection.  Furthermore, the Galaxy Note 7 is aimed at diminishing mystification which is concerning company’s latest mobile technology. Plus, it will be fully aligned with Galaxy S smartphones.


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