More Exciting Games Coming to Xbox One Backward Compatibility
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More Exciting Games Coming to Xbox One Backward Compatibility

More Exciting Games Coming to Xbox One Backward Compatibility

Fans were caught off guard by the Xbox One Backward Compatibility program introduced by Microsoft. This popular feature seems to be all set for expanding with some new and special game titles in mind. Another title for the Xbox 360 that was promised for the Backward Compatibility program for Xbox One is moving towards its final testing. Even though it wasn’t on the list of top ten games requested, Halo Wars is most definitely a very sought-after title. Along with Bioshock Infinite and GTA: San Andreas, Halo Wars managed to reach the top 20 list and seems ready to make its debut with Backward Compatibility pretty soon.

Just like other titles that are expected to become a part of the BC program, Halo Wars was seen on the Xbox One Marketplace. Fans have already taken screenshots and are expecting an announcement soon. With a listed file size of 6.43GB, Halo Wars would turn out to be an excellent download for fans as it comes just ahead of the release of Halo Wars 2. The latter is set to arrive on Windows 10 and the Xbox One with an all new Halo story in fall of 2016 from Creative Assembly.

As per the developers, the tradition of the original Halo Wars will be followed by the game and the Total War franchise, which is the claim to fame for Creative Assembly, will not be mimicked in this title. Tim Heaton, the studio boss said that there was a lot of pressure. He said that they have taken Halo Wars to the next level with this new title and have built on the original Halo. Currently, the list of games in the Backward Compatibility program includes less than 150 games, but Microsoft has promised to add more as time passes on.

The official Xbox website has a separate section dedicated to the BC program and Microsoft is also offering Gold Deals every month for boosting interest in new games for the Xbox. As far as owners of the next-generation consoles are concerned, their priority is to see the release of the most requested games for the BC program. The Microsoft team had given fans the opportunity of voting on what titles they want to see in the Backward Compatibility program, but so far, only one title from the top ten list has been confirmed. The list of games include Skyrim, Black Ops 2, World at War, Black Ops, Modern Warfare, Mass Effect 3, Modern Warfare 2 and 3, Fallout: New Vegas and Red Dead Redemption

Up until now, the only game that has been confirmed by Microsoft is Black Ops and even in its case, no release has been provided for its release to the Xbox One. Nonetheless, there could be some hope on the horizon as some users have spotted Call of Duty: Black Ops DLC available for download on the Xbox one and some other highly demanded titles have also been seen. Even though neither Microsoft nor Rockstar has confirmed, Red Dead Redemption is reportedly going to be available soon.


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