How to Choose a Good Inflatable Bouncer House for Kids

How to Choose a Good Inflatable Bouncer House for Kids

How to Choose a Good Inflatable Bouncer House for Kids

Every kid loves to jump; whether it is the mattress or the sofa, you will see their eyes sparkling when they go up and down. Don’t you want to see the same joy reflected in your kid’s eyes? Of course you do! Every parent wants their kids to be happy, but they also know that jumping is also dangerous for children because they may end up hurting themselves. So, how to ensure their safety? Luckily, there is a solution that allows your kids to jump as much as they want without the risk of getting injured. What is it? You can get an inflatable bounce house, which is available at an affordable price between $150 and $600.

There are plenty of inflatable bounce houses that can be found these days, but you need to get one that’s affordable and suitable. Here are some tips that can help you choose a good inflatable bouncer house for your kids:

  • Establish a budget

Getting carried away is easy when you are looking at different bouncers as there are various options available. However, you should have a firm budget to ensure that you don’t overspend and still get a well-designed and durable bounce house.

  • Check for residential inflatable bouncers

Not all bounce houses are designed for residential use; some are made for commercial purposes. Make sure you are looking for ones made for residential reasons as they are cheaper than commercial ones.

  • Have a look at the material

The overall quality of an inflatable bouncer can be assessed by checking the material with which it is made. The best bounce houses are those that are made of PVC tarpaulin or woven oxford cloth. The latter is usually used in residential models as it is lightweight whereas the former is more suitable for commercial bouncers.

  • Think of the craftsmanship

You can rest assured that inflatable bouncers are going to be abused plenty. Therefore, they don’t just have to be strong; they also need to have excellent craftsmanship. They need to have double, triple or even quadruple stitching for withstanding the test of time otherwise it will just come apart quickly. A balanced weave is also essential for keeping the bouncer stronger.

  • Consider the capacity, weight and size

Whether the inflatable bouncer house is going to be outdoors or indoors, it shouldn’t be heavy or bulky. The total weight of the bouncer should be checked before purchase. Also, check the capacity of the bouncer house because your kid may want to invite friends over and the number of children and the weight of each child can also make a difference. Size is also important because you have to ensure your house or backyard can accommodate the inflatable bouncer. You can look at the houses by Yolloy for some good examples.

  • Ensure there is warranty

When you are purchasing a brand-new bouncer house, it is wise to ensure you are buying one that comes in a warranty. This should be decent and not limited or else it will be over very quickly.


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