What Is Causing Damage to the Foundation of Your House?
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What Is Causing Damage to the Foundation of Your House?

What Is Causing Damage to the Foundation of Your House?

When your foundation has started to settle and you need a repair, you should get it without any delays. However, before you pay for the job, you also have to know what caused the damage to the foundation of your house? If you don’t get rid of the cause of the damage, you will be spending thousands of dollars on the same repair again. Here are some common contributors to the foundational damages in the houses.

Factors Causing Foundation Damage

Plumbing Problems

Plumbing issues happen to be one of the common factors causing damage to the foundations of houses. The issue is more common when the damage is done to the main line of the house. When a leak occurs, the water starts to travel to the foundation of your house. In addition to other materials, soil receives most of the damage from the water. The soil can swell and cause uneven floors, sticking doors, cracks in the walls, etc.

Weather Issues

If you are living in a city like Oklahoma City, you will have to face some harsh weather. Things can get worse in this area when April arrives and remain that way until June. Storms and rains during these months can cause foundational damage to the houses in the city. However, you have some of the best foundation repair companies located in this region too. If you think you have noticed signs of foundation damage in your house, you can get in touch with okcfoundationrepair.org.

Improper Drainage

You don’t necessarily have to have issues in the pipelines behind the walls to cause damage to the foundation. Sometimes, you have the problem right in front of your eyes and you don’t know about it. A common cause of foundational damage is your drainage spouts causing water to fall very close to the house. This causes the water to travel into the foundation of your house. Eventually, the soil beneath the house buffs up and starts causing all sorts of damage to the structure of the house.

Bad Materials

Sometimes, the people who built your foundation are the ones at fault. Perhaps, you hired a building company whose only bragging right is its cheap rates. In this case, what you end up with is bad materials in your foundation. Minor drainage issues and weather conditions can cause the foundation of the house to move when the builders have used inferior materials to build it. Make sure that you are there at the site when the foundation of your house is being built. You should also be involved in the process of purchasing the materials of construction to be on the safe side.

Final Thoughts

Foundational damage is serious damage without a doubt. However, it is a fixable issue and can even fit in your budget with ease if you get repairs done on time. Before anything else, you should make sure that you let only the licensed and trained professionals perform the repairs on the foundation of your house. Look at the reviews from the local people before you finally decide who you are going to hire for foundational repair of your house.