6 Cool Gadgets For The Bathroom

6 Cool Gadgets For The Bathroom

6 Cool Gadgets For The Bathroom

When people think of cool gadgets in the home, you might normally think of your living room or the bedroom. But there are all kinds of gadgets with all kinds of uses, and they can be found in any room – including the bathroom. Actually, since the bathroom is a place where people do all kinds of ‘practical’ tasks, this is a great opportunity for technology to make these ‘tasks’ more efficient or, at least, more interesting.  Here’s a short list of what we think are some of the more interesting gadgets available for the bathroom.

Bluetooth shower speakers

The shower has always been a great place to sing or hum your favourite tunes. And people are now bringing their smartphones into the bathroom to listen to their favourite music or podcasts. But smartphones are not designed to play loud music and typically are not water-resistant. Bluetooth shower speakers help provide speaker quality sound during your noisy showers.  There are some shower speakers that even fit into your showerhead.  And it’s not just for the shower – shower speakers can be used at anytime, for whatever you are doing in the bathroom.

Smart scales

With the growing trend in fitness tracking and monitoring, the smart bathroom scale is a key piece in this health and fitness ecosystem. Smart scales take the readings from your scale and send data directly to your fitness tracking app, over Bluetooth or Wifi. You can use these apps to track your fitness over time, set goals and access all kinds of fitness advice and information. There are literally hundreds of these apps – apps like MyFitnessPal, Apple Health, Samsung Health and Fitbit. Smart scales are not just about weight though – depending on the model, you can track all kinds of other things like BMI, body fat percentage, and other body composition metrics.

Smart toothbrushes

Smart toothbrushes aren’t just electric toothbrushes. They are essentially connected devices, that, like smart scales, send data to a specific app using Bluetooth technology. The data that is sent to your app is typically about how long you spent on brushing and how well you brushed your teeth. The combination of quantitative and qualitative data helps promote good dental habits. This is a bit of a niche product and there are only a few models out there.

Showerheads with LED lights

While a shower or bath is usually associated with relaxation, sometimes bright lights in the bathroom aren’t really conducive to a calm and relaxing environment. Showerheads with LED lights can feel a bit gimmicky but they can add some ambience to your shower. The LED lights in these showerheads basically light up and change colors while you shower. Different models may have slightly different colors but they typically either work by rotating between different colors at set timings, or the color is dictated by the temperature of the water (typically blue for cold water and red for hot water). The lights are generated by the water pressure so they don’t use batteries of any kind. Some call this color therapy, where the colors help to balance your ‘energy’ and help your relax. Some call color therapy a pseudoscience, but either way, LED showerhead lights make for a unique shower experience.

Towel warmer cabinets

Ok these probably aren’t exactly ‘gadgets’ but they are really useful so we’ve decided to include them in this list. There’s nothing better than drying yourself with a warm towel or slipping on warm clothes after a shower, particularly if you live in a cold climate.  Towel warmer cabinets are containers that you plug in and use to quickly heat up your towels and/or clothes on short notice. They typically take 10-15 minutes to warm up your items. They don’t require any installation, just some space in your bathroom. Towel warmer cabinets are different from commonly-used towel warmer rails in that they don’t heat up the room, and they are limited in the amount of towels/clothes they can warm. But they are great in terms of their speed and convenience.

Toilet bowl LED lights

Going to the bathroom in the middle of the night can be a tricky task. At the moment your only option is to fumble around in the dark or turn on the bathroom light, which is disturbing when you’re half asleep and it can wake you up. These toilet bowl LED lights hook onto your toilet bowl and are activated by movement. So when you enter the room they will light up and show you the way. They come in different colors and make your toilet look a bit futuristic. If you are getting older and finding yourself making frequent trips to the toilet in the middle of the night they can be very useful.



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