Top Fitness and Health Apps for the iPhone

Top Fitness and Health Apps for the iPhone

Top Fitness and Health Apps for the iPhone
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Deep down inside, we are all aware how important it is to live an active and healthy life, but actually making it happen on a daily basis seems like such a chore. The truth is that you don’t need a gym membership or personal trainer anymore for staying on top of your activity. You don’t even have to purchase a fitness band to wear on your wrist. This is due to the fact that the iPhone you have in your pocket is good enough to let you track your activities and meeting your health and fitness goals. The best health and fitness apps are those that don’t require additional hardware, allow you to set and monitor goals and motivate you by providing you timely information concerning your progress.

Here is a list of the top fitness and health apps that you can use on your iPhone for maintaining and active and healthy lifestyle:

Jawbone UP

UP by Jawbone is the app that doesn’t just get everything right, but also takes it a few steps further. UP is actually a wrist-worn fitness tracker, but the actual brains of the operation lies in the companion smartphone app. UP uses the built-in sensors of the iPhone for collecting information and it is completely free to use. It can let you know when you have achieved a goal or when you are having an off day. You can also get custom notifications about your progress. It also keeps track of the food you eat, which makes it a comprehensive health app.


This is the next best option, which also began as a companion app, but is now a complete tracker on its own. It keeps track of your activity, your drink intake and food consumption as well. You can also link up with your friends for a little healthy competition. It is an intuitive app so people find it easier to navigate and provides you concise and easily understandable information.

Strava Running and Cycling

This app is the way to go if you are a hardcore bicyclist or runner. You can use the GPS for tracking your bike ride or your run and see your exact route along with detailed information like elevation changes, cadence, power and pace. The biggest selling point of this app is its large user base, which allows you to compare yourself with others who are the same age, weight and height. You can also some of the best bikes here:

Grallr Carrot Fit

Amongst activity tracking apps, Carrot is called the military boot camp because it combines a built-in exercise trainer with a basic tracker, which aims to push your limits. In case you forget to open the app or decide not to exercise, it is going to send you notifications to get moving. However, it lacks a comprehensive meal tracking feature and its goal-setting features are limited.

These are the top health and fitness apps that you can use on your iPhone for staying in line with your fitness goals and maintaining your health in the long term. Considering the popularity of health apps, many retreats, such as, too have started to develop health apps so they can help their customers track their fitness goals more effectively.


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