5 New Popular Uses for Drones: Innovation With Consumer Drones

5 New Popular Uses for Drones: Innovation With Consumer Drones

5 New Popular Uses for Drones: Innovation With Consumer Drones

The demand for drones has increased due to a major decline in prices. Where earlier consumer drones were seen to cost an arm and a leg, recent prices are now allowing many consumers to purchase this technology. Drones are coming with the same features, some have more features, at a cheaper price. With greater access to drones, advancements in this field are on the rise. Drones are used for various reasons including, but not limited to agricultural and environmental monitoring, aerial photography, and even for the delivery of medical supplies.

Drones Used in Agriculture

In the agricultural realm, drones can be used to survey a large piece of land, allowing them to monitor possible problems and save time. Drones allow for more effective mapping of various ecosystems, replacing less effective satellite imaging. The small, lightweight structure of drones grant researchers the ability to get closer to various species and explore areas difficult for humans to reach.

Professional Video and Photography

From a photography standpoint, the ability to capture images from heights difficult for humans to reach leads to endless possibilities. Drones can be used to take breathtaking wedding photographs, scan popular surf spots for sharks, and inspect your roof without the need for scaffolding.

Drones Provide Life Changing Assistance

In a medical sense, drones would allow for the delivery of small packages to countries with unsafe roads. Drones became popular for military use, however they have the potential to serve in many humanitarian ways. While some may believe that drones are unsafe, their ability to deliver medicine to people suffering from painful strains of illnesses could save millions of lives. After a natural disaster, drones would be able to assess the damage and allow rescue teams to pinpoint locations of victims and prepare effective medical supplies.

Even Facebook is Interested in Drones

Facebook is currently working on a project called Internet.org, which would use drones as Wi-fi hot spots. These flying hot spots would give people in less developed countries access to the Internet. Internet access would give way to countless advancements in these countries and allow for more global connectivity. Currently, phones can guide remote control drones, however companies are working towards programmed flight paths.

Drones Are Keeping People Safe

From a public safety perspective, drones are able to go beyond simple monitoring of the streets. Drones allow for faster response time to crime scenes, eliminating the potential for any evidence to be tampered with. They are also able to assess the situation, preparing response teams for any potential danger they may face.


Although rules and regulations regarding drone flight are still being sorted, drone technology continues to flourish. Where drones were originally used for military combat, they are now aiding in saving lives and expanding people’s imagination. The decline in pricing allows for greater access to this technology, easing many people’s original suspicions towards these flying robots. The DJI Inspire 1 Drone retails at $2,899 and DJI has a brand new drone on pre-order called the DJI Phantom 3 Professional, which retails at $1,259.00, that has the same features along with a camera that can shoot in 4K resolution and 30fps.


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