Powermat; The Best Wireless Charger in 2015

Powermat; The Best Wireless Charger in 2015


Powermat; The Best Wireless Charger in 2015

When , he never thought that it could become the best wireless charger in 2015. The unique features of the charger clearly show that the pioneer is an expert in the field.

Thousands of satisfied users prefer it because of its ability to charge different devices at once, healthy power output, and its travel flexibility. It comes with FAQ section and a warranty to guarantee you quality. Helpful customer support is also included. You can charge almost any device because of its immense compatibility, especially when paired with Powercube.

Powermat 3X is currently the trending charger in the market. Ran Poliakine on CNN assured thousands of users that they would do everything to ensure that the product remain competitive to meet dynamic customers’ needs.

What Makes Powermat A Superb Charger?

  • Consolidated charging needs: The charger consolidates all your charging needs into one durable location.
  • Superior quality: The wireless charger proved its resilience after passing fall and light stress tests. Breaking the wireless charger is actually impossible because it is a heavy-duty. Powermat charger, therefore, is solid and well constructed.
  • Unique design: You can efficiently and wirelessly charge your mobile devices using the Powermat charger. The added flexibility is one of the many reasons why you should purchase the charger. The Charger can also be charged and then taken with you. Unlike conventional chargers that are stuck to the wall permanently, the device can hold charge of its own. Powermat has a superior internal battery.
  • High-performance: The charger can enable you to charge various Smartphones simultaneously. The maximum output wattage is 18 and is, therefore, more than enough. The device also features three sections of the mat that divide the charging stations into readily visible squares. The sections make it easier to charge all the mobile devices to the maximum. The charger can accept a maximum of three mobile devices at one time.
  • Precise specifications: Powermat is undoubtedly one convenient wireless charger. The device features a variety of unique tips including Sonny PSP, An Apple connector, micro USB, and a mini USB. The tips will allow you to use a small cord attached to the charger with almost any device.

The Powercube has helped to solve the incompatibility with older phones that charger suffers from. Lack of compatibility with other cell phones had been a significant challenge for many users. The charger even has cases for the DSi and the Nintendo DS. The manufacturer also provides battery doors, sleeves, skins, and cases for everything from the Blackberry to the iPhone Curve. The Powermat is compatible with nearly every main Smartphone in circulation.

  • Affordability: The device is sold at customer-friendly prices despite the various unique features that it comes with. Satisfied customers say that the charger is quite affordable. It offers you the best value for your money.
  • Warranty: The device comes with a warranty to guarantee you of quality. You are free to take your charger for replacement within the warranty period.

How Does Powermat Work?

When you drop your device on the charger, charging begins even without precise, inhibited contact with a conductive surface. It works by transferring electricity from the charge to your phone through a magnetic field. Powermat uses induction technology to charge your mobile devices. No other technology, which have matched the efficiency and elegance of the wireless charger.

The number of various devices that the wireless charger can power is impressive. The gray mat, when paired with the appropriate receiver, provides wireless power to a large number of different devices. The majority of users are happy with this unique technology. You can visit the Powermat Facebook link at https://www.facebook.com/Powermat to see what other users are saying about the Powermat charger.

To summarize, since Ran Poliakine founded Powermat, it has continued to rule the market. Make sure you only shop for your wireless charger from reputable stores. Ran Poliakine on CNN said that he was humbled by the massive number of users who are happy with the charger.


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