Leaked Images Show HBO's APP HBO Go on Xbox One
Microsoft XBox One

Leaked Images Show HBO’s APP HBO Go on Xbox One

Leaked Images Show HBO's APP HBO Go  on Xbox One

It doesn’t seem that long ago when finally HBO made the announcement about its standalone and brand new streaming service. It had probably caused fans of Games of Thrones to throw their hands up in the air for celebration and immediately contact Comcast or whichever cable service they don’t use so much to cancel it. However, for those people who are traditionalists and don’t wish to vary their old routine of a cable TV subscription along with HBO as a premium add on and are also an avid Microsoft Gamer, then you will be interested in knowing that tests are being run on the Xbox One with HBO Go.

There isn’t a lot of information that has been provided regarding this procedure, but there were a few leaked images of a beta version of the HBO app. However, as expected, the pictures have been removed as Microsoft wouldn’t have been very happy to discover that they had been leaked in the first place. Nonetheless, on the plus side, speculation is ongoing that the app may be ready for release sooner than expected because there is a beta HBO Go app. It is also worth noting that the same thing had occurred during the beta testing of the Xbox One app Plex.

The existence of the app had been officially confirmed when pictures had leaked out and it had only taken a couple of weeks for Plex to be launched in the Xbox Marketplace. If the same timetable is applicable to the HBO Go app then the fans of the renowned channel wouldn’t have to wait very long before they are able to stream their loved TV shows directly on their gaming consoles. It is also possible for people to use the built-in TV browsing functionality called OneGuide for watching the premium channel on the Xbox One.

As far as the recently announced streaming service is concerned, this standalone functionality of HBO is expected to hit the market in the next year. Cable providers are no doubt not thrilled with this announcement, even though HBO has promised that it will work with its current parts in order to come up with the new service. There has been no indication regarding the price that will be charged, though. In other news relating to the Xbox One, despite hopes and predictions of analyst Michael Pachter, the console was unable to take the lead in sales from its rival, Sony’s PlayStation 4 in September.

Microsoft introduced a bundle offer and also slashed the price to boost up its sales, but the launch of Destiny seems to have caused a setback for the company as the game has become one of the best-selling games of the year. Regardless, Microsoft also rolled out the update to its console and has incorporated a host of improvements and new features in it. Monthly updates have been promised for the console to keep it fresh and provide new functionality and apps in order to ensure that users remain engaged with the system.


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