Microsoft Introduces Skype for Linux Alpha

Microsoft Introduces Skype for Linux Alpha

Microsoft Introduces Skype for Linux Alpha

Skype gets another toast of popularity after it knocks at Linux Alpha- an exclusive operating system from Microsoft. The world’s leading software company was pleased to announce the launch of its latest version of ‘Skype’ last week which will be particularly facilitating users on operating systems such as Linux Alpha. Linux users from all across the world have cheered the launch of this new calling software.

The new software uses Microsoft‘s WebRTC: the next-generation calling design.  This architecture enables users to communicate, make calls, and share rich content like files, images, videos and different emotions with other users.

In addition, it isn’t obligatory to be on the same operating system to receive a call from Skype on Linux Alpha. Users with other operating systems such as Mac, Android, and Windows will also be able to make a video and audio conversation using Skype. This facility does not come true for the previous versions of Skype for Linux.

For now, Microsoft has launched the software with a limited number of features whereas the final version with all features will be released later.  Anyone across the globe can install Skype for its Linux operating system, but it doesn’t support other languages than English.

Alongside the software, Microsoft also brought in an alpha version of Skype which will use the same calling architecture used in Skype for Linux Alpha. This version is aimed at providing calling facility to Chrome-books users as well as to the users who use Google Chrome-the browser on a Linux operating system. With the alpha version of Skype, users will be able to make video call, call on a landline number, and mobile phones.

Skype for Linux Alpha has been checked by critical Linux distros such as Fedora 23, OpenSuse KDE 13.2, Debian 8.5,  OpenSuse Leap 42.1 KDE and etc. It was also tested using various desktop environments including Unity, Cinnamo, Mate and all that, and was found with differences amid the environments.

Though the latest presentation from Microsoft is drawing attention from its relevant users, there are also a number of Linux users who have several negative comments over the software.  A Linux user says it’s a worse and a close replica of software Ghetto Skype. And the only thing the company has done here is the value which makes it native to 64-bits. Other comments also suggest that the software share a clumsy interface and lacks options.

The webpage having published the launch story of Skype for Linux Alpha also witnessed some positive comments in the row. One of the comments appeared as wishing the software designers best for a better Linux customer for ages now.

On the other hand, Al-Hilwa: an IDC’s research program director also commented on the software’s launch saying it’s a major advancement in the company’s stance to a small but genuinely  influential and critical group of people. According to Hilwa, it’s good to see a user is moving toward the software which shares a combined web-based architecture. However, he also wonders when it will come up with all its crucial features.



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