Jury to Decide How Much Samsung Will Pay Apple
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Jury to Decide How Much Samsung Pays for Losing Patent War

Jury to Decide How Much Samsung Will Pay Apple

Last year, Samsung lost an important patent war with Apple. Now, it has to be determined how much the South Korean giant will have to pay to the iPhone maker for the loss and a new trial will be starting this week to make this decision. Last year, in August, it had been found by a California jury that a series of patents that belonged to Apple Inc. had been infringed upon by the South Korean Samsung Electronics and the company needed to pay a lot more than just $1 billion in damages to the American firm. However, the price tag had later been revisited by the judge and he had removed about $450 million of the original award, stating that it was unclear how the original figure had been calculated by the jury.

Samsung still needed to pay $600 million to Apple Inc. It was ordered by judge Lucy H. Koh, who belongs to the Federal District Court of Northern California that a new trial be conducted for assessing whether Samsung needed to pay more or less than the $450 million that was eliminated. In the electronics industry, Samsung and Apple are two of the biggest profit makers and the single handoff worth $1 billion is not going to have much impact on the finances of either of the companies.

However, the fight relating to damages is more concerned with the future than the present. Multiple patent disputes are ongoing between the two technology giants in different parts of the world and the final award can have an impact on the other juries when they have to make the calculation of damages in future cases. According to people, this judgment would be based on the old products of Samsung Electronics and the company doesn’t want the same fate to befall its current and recent products.

In the original case that had been filed, the South Korean giant had been accused by the iPhone maker for violating several of the patents that were a significant part of its iPhone and iPad. The trial continued for over a month and the design processes had been detailed by Apple’s designers and executive and its products compared with that of Samsung’s to show how similar they were. The selection of the jury for the trial on damages is expected to start on Tuesday and will last for about a week. Some of the top leaders of Apple Inc., which includes its senior vice president of worldwide marketing Phillip W. Schiller, will be testifying.

Five patents will be involved in the trial, which include the one that covers the design of the face of a device. 13 products will be covered in the trial that include Samsung’s Captivate smartphone and the Samsung Galaxy Tab. Most of the trial will basically be focusing on how to calculate the damages accurately. It could be decided by the jury that Samsung may have to compensate Apple for the profit it lost because of its products or the South Korean company may have to pay royalties for every device.


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