Features of IdeaPad Yoga 13 of Lenovo
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Features of IdeaPad Yoga 13 of Lenovo


Features of IdeaPad Yoga 13 of LenovoYoga 13 is the result of gallant efforts of Lenovo which is developed to deliver the ultimate and similar functionalities which you experience with your tablets. It runs with Windows 8 Operating System and its several other functionalities, enables it to lead over several models of tablets. IdeaPad is the sleeker design of Yoga 13 which must be most liked by the users. The building quality of the IdeaPad without using the plastic texture is outstanding. Some essential girth has been added by Lenovo into IdeaPad, the touch display to have as a feature but it increases its weight a bit. So may be those who are looking for thinner and lighter laptops, might be not be pleased to have it. There is not such big change in the arrangements of the keys on the keyboard, however, you will have to get used to operate Enter and Backspace keys. Hinges of this laptop will offer exceptional performance while folding its lid at different positions. Screen size of IdeaPad 13 Lenovo is 13.3 inches and it supports the resolution of 1600 x 900. It offers touch screen display. It is armed with third generation of Intel Processor Core i5 which will offer the speed up to 1.7 GHz. It will let you enjoy High Definition graphics with GPU (4000). It is equipped with 4GB RAM and a hard disk with the capacity of 128 GB. However, you would have liberty to choose different models IdeaPad which may have Core i7 processor and extended storage space up to 256 GB of hard disk.

Let’s have a deeper look into the features of IdeaPad Yoga 13 of Lenovo. It has been designed to become the most flexible UltraBook for the users by now. One of the most significant features of Yoga 13 is to be folded on 360 degree with touch screen which converts it from the laptop to the tablet. Dual hinge of the Yoga 13 allows you to experience its “TENT” as well as “STAND” modes. Even you use your Yoga 13 in the mode of NoteBook, it will offer you to practice full desktop features of Windows 8 along with additional benefits of touch-screen. In TENT mode, you may experience its tablet features because you have a choice of touch-screen and STAND mode will give you a real experience of laptop with all the all the features of Windows 8.

The screen Yoga 13 supports 10 point multi touch features. Lenovo has used direct bonding technology which enables the touch screen further responsive and ultimately it reduces the loss of light. Whereas other screens are built with air bonding technology which causes loss of light a lot. The processor from the third generation of Intel Core Processors has been added to make sure that Yoga 13 must be able to maintain the most critical demands the users for computing. You should know before you visit the market to buy Yoga 13 that it is not a cheap laptop but certainly you wouldn’t be able to find some features in any other machine which are offered by Yoga 13 of Lenovo.


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