Apple’s Lineup in 2013 – Excitement for the Apple’s Fans
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Apple’s Lineup in 2013 – Excitement for the Apple’s Fans

Apple’s Lineup in 2013 – Excitement for the Apple’s FansDo you know that IT analysts are considering something a real big change in the lineup of Apple? What is that big change? Actually Apple is going to launch five new products during the year of 2013. Most important would be Apple’s MacBook Air which is actually Retina Display Version and at the same time Retina iPad Mini. MackBook is more likely to run the most recent version OS which Mac OS-X 10.9 (under the hood). Sometime later in the next year iOS 7 would also be released. Here is the point of excitement for all the fans of Apple especially who always intend to get the latest devices as soon as they are launched. These fans must be waiting for some other devices by Apple as well such as the latest version of Apple TV. These TV sets offer variation in the screen sizes from 42 to 55 inches. They must be available to in the market to add some extra pleasure at the event of Christmas 2013. These TV sets are designed to work as a hub which will be able to connect different iDevices available within the limited area. You must expect your TV sets to be enabled with Siri, FaceTime and several other apps for iOS.

It is reported by the reliable sources that iPad Mini 2 will also be released soon and that would somewhere around in March 2013. However, by now, iPad Mini is lacking in full High Definition resolution. Probably you would know that lacking of HD resolution is the biggest outbreak for the iPad Mini. Those who have plans to get MacBook Air, must expect to experience the unmatchable technological display. Actually when we talk about the Apple’s lineup in 2013, leading tech experts predict that company is likely to launch five new devices during this year. The launching of the latest products in a variety of modes is just to keep the highest position in the market. They also claim that the latest gadgets will lead to the major upcoming changes in Apple’s products which are expected in 2014. So the launching of the new products must be considered as the beginning of the changes for the upcoming years. This overwhelming situation created by Apple in the arena of Touch Devices is the part of company strategy. They
believe in developing the hundreds of Prototype Products every year for the upcoming years.

What are those new five products by Apple which are expected to be unveiled in 2013? Let’s discuss. It is believed that Apple is about to unveil a branded radio by Apple which is given a name iRadio. This radio will be able to deliver music contents and podcasts by using the iTunes. After that you can expect iPad Mini to be launched with a display of higher resolution. It must be followed by the release of the new version of iOS which is iOS 7. You would have been hearing the rumors of iPhone 5S and it should be launched sooner or later, this year. By the end of the year 2013, almost in November or December, you will be able to enjoy the latest model of Apple TV.


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