Apple – Adding up New Variety of iPhones By Introducing the Cheapest iPhone
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Apple – Adding up New Variety of iPhones By Introducing the Cheapest iPhone

Apple – Adding up New Variety of iPhones By Introducing the Cheapest iPhone

Everyone has firm beliefs that Apple is a company which is still considered valuable all over the world. However, it has been experiencing the less demands for the iPhones by the end of 2012. Technology experts are expecting some aggressive response from Apple to fire back this situation. There are rumors that Apple is going to launch some cheaper and low cost smartphones (iPhone). It has been suggested by the rumors that Apple can use the plastic Chassis to build up this new iPhone. If you look at the range of smartphones introduced by different companies, you will find that Apple is the leading manufacturer to offer the best quality but the rates are a bit higher as compare to other brands. Other companies are targeting the consumers at different level. They have made a division of consumers on the basis of their earnings.

As being the costly brand, Apple is unable to address the needs of those who fall under the lower income division. So you can say that it is a good move by Apple, if they are going to launch a low cost iPhone. According to some reports Apple is seriously thinking to move away from metal chassis (Unibody) and reinforced glass which is a very right step towards saving the manufacturing cost of iPhone. It has been also reported that Apple will be purchasing the plastic chassis from EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Service) which is based in United States. EMS is famous for producing the inexpensive chassis so Apple is going to get the benefits of their expertise.

The rumors are still coming up and some other additional things have been mentioned to make the part of new inexpensive iPhone. It is also being expected that Apple could use metal along with plastic to make it see through and offer a clear view of innards of iPhone to the users. So the news is coming that the development of the new iPhone should be completed by the second half of the year 2013. Currently the components of the cheapest iPhone are under the process of validation so you should not expect it to be launched before second half of this year. However, very reliable sources such as Bloomberg as well as Wall Street Journal have expressed the expected release of this new iPhone by the end of 2013.

You should not be surprised at all that neither Apple has denied or confirmed the truth regarding these rumors. But if you look at the current strategy that Apple has to cut back the orders for iPhone 5 which will make you understand that they did it simply because of low demands. So, it is definite that Apple will have to bring in something which can stimulate its demands. To tackle this situation, Apple has no choice except introducing more variety in the lineup of the iPhones to compete other smartphones and Android devices. Cheaper iPhone will certainly be able to answer this situation in a very effective way and hopefully Apple will be experiencing the rise of sales by the end of this year again.


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