6 Outstanding Features of Gym Management Software

The reason behind the growth of the fitness business is that people are now well aware of the benefits of exercises and are well aware of the exercises which gyms are offering. Another factor is the need for social interaction. They want themselves presentable in front of people. The increase in trend has also increased the responsibility of gym management to manage all tasks of a gym more efficiently than before.

To be more efficient and to automate tasks you need Gym Management Software which manages all your tasks and is capable of storing your bulk amount of data. After using this software member management, marketing, retaining customers, lead management, information handling, and financial review of business will be no more hectic.

Gyms need the attention of staff right now on more important tasks than daily tasks which this software can automatically manage. But the amazing thing is the efficiency of Wellyx is not only just restricted to daily tasks but despite management of daily tasks, it plays a significant role in increasing the growth of the business by suggesting timely strategies.

Here are some features of the software after knowing about them you won’t be able to stop yourself from using this software.

Automatic SMS Notification:

The most favorite service of clients is a notification that shows that they are important and you want them to be a part of your gym. This software notifies clients via SMS about the confirmation of their bookings. Remind them regarding their appointment almost an hour before an appointment. If a client hasn’t paid their due payments it also notifies them about it to save them from late payment charges.

Mobile App Notifications:

The availability of software in the form of an app is a plus point for the efficiency of a business. The usage of smartphones is so common that people don’t imagine their lives without it. Some are so addicted that they even can’t spend an hour without it. If you make your gym available on your smartphones and notify clients about your new services, offers, and products they respond to it faster than if you send marketing emails only through software. 

The features of Gym Management Software makes the utilization of features easier than using them through laptops or website. An app ensures purchases because whenever someone opens his mobile phone your app will surely pass from his sight and force him to utilize your service.

Thumb Machine Integration:

This software has no issues in integrating with any kind of machine or software. There are no compatibility issues with it. By integrating a thumb machine with this software, you can easily collect data of your employee and members attendance. Even visibility of their attendance record to them also shows them how are they performing?

Payment Collection:

Gone are the days when gyms have to manage cash counters and a huge queue of customers. After payments keeping a record of each customer’s payment was not easy. This software is offering multiple payment options to clients to make payment making easier for all customers. 

Online payment collection has also eliminated the need of managing cash and keeping a manual record of payments.  This software record each transaction to accurately maintain the accounts of the gym. The record of payment is also visible to clients which ensures the fairness and efficiency of a billing system.

Up to Date Security:

The information of the business whether it’s related to employees, clients, and operations is confidential. Leakage of this information can cause loss. Software to Manage Gym understands the importance of confidentiality. This software has a strong firewall system to keep your information secured from external hackers.

It is not suitable to share confidential information from employees too. So, to limit the extent of information you can assign credentials to clients and staff. Based on these credentials this software limits the information. A complete overview of business can only be accessible by the owners of a business.

Enquiry Management System:

This system prioritizes queries based on their urgency so that the sales team can handle them easily. It is easy to track the query so that the sales team takes action according to the query. It provides managers with a bird’s eye of view of the management of queries. Based on the management of queries they can predict the increase in sales.

Through this software, it is easy to follow up with every client who is requesting further information. By providing them with more information in a convincing way there are bright chances of gaining an increase in sales.

In Short:

Information technology is developing not only to intense competition but also to help in creating a competitive advantage. Competition is intense only for those who are not making the best use of technology. Otherwise, all are enjoying the perks of it. Make yourself one of them and experience the positive changes which this software can bring into your business.


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