5 Ways New Tech is Changing the Retail Industry

5 Ways New Tech is Changing the Retail Industry

5 Ways New Tech is Changing the Retail Industry

The retail industry is growing continuously for a long time. The days of old retail systems are gone. The customers expect everything to be perfect in their retail experience. The latest technology is changing the retail industry because customers are demanding better retail stores.

The technology advancement has allowed the owners to manage the business. You can find the details of the effects of technological betterments on the retail experience here.

Cloud POS systems

The point of sale systems that are also called the POS acts as the basic retail management system. In the past, you had to install the POS on a computer before starting. When someone wanted to send the POS systems’ data, he had to make a report and send it by email or other communication channels. Technology advancements have given us cloud POS systems.

These are the advanced point of sale systems that do not require computer installation. You can go online and log in to your system. You can give different privileges to different people. You can become an administrator of the system. It will be easy to change anything you want in the POS system. Some of the people can have sales privileges only. It will allow you to manage the retail store.

If you are looking for an ideal system, you can check the JD Edwards ERP. It will change the way you think about retail management.

Artificial intelligence forecast

You can start the retail store with a cloud POS system. All you have to do is make your account and start entering the data. Once you have enough data, you can make predictions about sales and purchases. Some of the latest POS systems have artificial intelligence. It is crucial for large retail stores that have thousands of products.

If a product is moving quickly, the system will learn about it. It can predict the movement of the same category products in the future. The system can also take the data of the customer. It will allow you to understand customer behavior in a better way.

Fully automated retail experience

Some retail stores are so advanced that it is difficult to categorize them in the retail experience. These stores do not require any staff as everything is automatic. You will need a membership card to enter the store. Once you enter, the retail store system will know that you are present in the store. You can purchase whatever you need and go to the checkout counter after that.

In a regular retail store, you see a cashier at the checkout. The automatic retail stores do not need cashiers. Products have special bar codes that do not require ordinary barcodes scanner. You can pay by card and leave the store with your items. It was impossible to have these stores without the advancements of retail technologies.

Supply chain automation

A retail store can never work if the store does not purchase the required items at the right time. In the past, every purchase had to be done using the traditional paper system.

The system got advanced, and email-based purchase orders started. In the latest system, automatic purchase orders are generated by the retail management system. These systems are equipped with artificial intelligence that makes it accurate.

Augmented shopping experience

You might have heard of the augmented reality gaming. It is possible to improve your shopping experience using the augmented reality. You can install the app of the retail store before going to the store. All the items will have some QR codes or points that the app is going to recognize.

You will be able to click the product on your camera screen and get all the details about the product, including the price and availability of the size. The augmented shopping experience is commonly used in clothing stores. Some stores have a special screen installed.

You can stand in front of the screen camera and select the dress you want. This screen will show you how the dress will look in real-time.


By looking at how new technology is improving the retail experience, we can say that the retail experience will continue to get better in the future.



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