Why Duxa Capital Has Risen Above Its Competitors – An Honest Duxa Capital Review

Duxa Capital Trading Review

Now that there are hundreds of online brokers that provide a trading platform for CFD trading, a broker has to do a lot to rise above the rest. In the recent days, Duxa Capital has beaten its competitors in providing the traders’ most favorite trading services. Why has this broker become the first choice of traders from around the world? There are many things that have contributed to making Duxa Capital one of the best. Let’s go through the best features provided by this broker to know the secret of its success.

Duxa Capital – Safety Comes First

Imagine if a car company built a car without any safety features. What would be your reaction if this car did not have a safety balloon, seat belt, etc.? In short, it does not matter how great the features of a  product are when the safety has not been given any importance. When you trade with Duxa Capital, safety is the first thing you have to admire about the broker. The company has a completely separate account where every penny that you and other traders deposit goes. Some brokers would make the mistake of mixing your money with theirs, and you must not let that happen to you.

Secondly, the information you provide on a broker’s website is of sensitive nature. You don’t want any snooper to get access to your information. The best way to protect that sensitive information is for the broker to have encryption in place. Duxa Capital encrypts your information before it saves it on the servers for your protection. Security of funds and information is definitely one of the biggest reasons why so many traders from around the world have started to prefer Duxa Capital over other non-regulated brokers.

Duxa Capital – An Asset Index to Admire

This is yet another area where Duxa Capital beats most of its competitors. It offers its traders a big asset index with assets coming from a variety of markets from around the world. You can trade just about any asset on this platform that you prefer. If you like to trade currencies with other currencies, you have dozens of pairs to choose from. You can go with the most stable and the traditional currency pairs such as GBP/USD, EUR/USD, USD/AUD, etc. or the rare and volatile ones. You have a lot of assets in the commodities section of the Duxa Capital asset index. It is one of the uncommon asset indices where you find not only gold, silver, and platinum but palladium as well.

Of course, you have hundreds of stocks and indices available for trading as well. The best part about the asset index from this broker is the cryptocurrency section. Most of the brokers are still strolling to provide their traders with something special in this section. Not to mention the brokers that have not yet introduced cryptocurrency in their indices. With Duxa Capital, you are not limited to trading only the biggest cryptocurrencies e.g. bitcoin and Ethereum. Instead, you have a plenty of other cryptocurrencies that you can trade e.g. Stellar, Ripple, Dogecoin, NEO, etc. You will be hard pressed to find another broker with so many cryptocurrencies for you to trade.

Duxa Capital – Six Account Types of Traders

Duxa Capital makes your job easy when it comes to opening a trading account with the broker. You are given a lot of choices as you can pick from six different trading accounts. The most basic type of account is called the basic account with initial deposit requirement of just 500 EUR. You have five other accounts to choose from with initial deposit requirement increasing with every account type. The most expensive account is called the millionaire account with a minimum deposit of 1,000,000 EUR. You are not deprived of the necessary features regardless of the type of account you pick. Except the basic account, you get access to advanced charts with every other account type.

Another amazing thing added to every account type is the loyalty bonus. Usually, you don’t get such bonuses from online brokers. These are things that you usually get from lottery companies and casinos. However, Duxa Capital is willing to bring something extraordinary to its traders. Even with the most basic account type, you will get a 10% loyalty bonus. You just have to be an active trader to qualify for this bonus. For someone who signs up with the millionaire account, they can get the same bonus boosted to 100%. You will also get access to educational material irrespective of the account you sign up with.

Duxa Capital – Flexible Trading Conditions

Of course, the most important thing you want from your broker is the ability to be able to trade conveniently. You don’t want any nuisance and unnecessary frustration during trading. One must not forget that annoyance can lead to blind trading, and it does not matter what frustrates you. If you are angry, you will execute trades that you should not. Duxa Capital does all it can to make trading a pleasant experience for its traders. When you sign up with Duxa Capital, you are provided with trading signals without any additional charges. You will get the trading signals once in a day even with the basic account type.

You are also provided with a daily market review to give you a glimpse of what will go up and what will come down. A junior account manager will accompany you for some time with the basic accounts. If you have signed up with an advanced account, you have unlimited access to not only a junior account manager but a senior account manager as well.

Duxa Capital – Easy Withdrawals and Deposits

The minimum amount that you can deposit in your account is just 250 EUR or GBP. You can use just about all the safe options of depositing funds in your account that are available today. Most importantly, you can use these same methods to withdraw your funds from the account. There is the option of credit cards available for withdrawals and deposits. If you are not okay with depositing money through your credit card, you can just go with the bank wire transfer option. It might take a bit longer but it is considered one of the safest methods of depositing funds in your online account.

Duxa Capital – Useful Training Material

You will be amazed at how informative the Duxa Capital website is. You usually have to sign up and deposit funds in your account before a broker gives you access to any useful education about trading. On the other hand, you have Duxa Capital providing you with some useful knowledge about trading right on the website. You don’t have to sign up or pay anything to the broker to read that information. As stated earlier, you will get access to some level of education no matter which type of account you sign up with. If you sign up with a basic account, you will get partial access to all the training material.

To get access to the full lineup of courses, you will have to sign up with an advanced account. Of course, the company has designed these options with you in mind. When you are just a new trader, you don’t need access to the advanced and expert strategies and hence the partial access. With a basic account, you will also have a junior account manager who will guide you on everything related to your account. Money management is another feature that you can access only when you sign up with an advanced account. In addition to other types of training material, you will also get access to webinars.

You can attend the live webinars to listen to the experts of the industry and learn the useful strategies of trading. Since these webinars are live, you can even ask questions to clarify your confusions.

Duxa Capital – Customer Support to be Trusted

You are going to love the way the broker has decided to help you when you are in need. You are not left to the courtesy of an online form to fill out to send your queries to the company. First, you will be greeted by a company representative as soon as you land on the website. You can talk to this professional online to discuss your issues while trading. The professional customer support team is there to help you 24/5. The best thing is that you can access the company from anywhere in the world. You can use an email or one of the multiple phone numbers available on the website to contact the company. In almost all of the Duxa Capital review articles found online you will learn that their customer service is impeccable.

Bottom Line

It is clear from how the broker has dedicated its efforts in every feature why it is one of the best brokers on the internet today. If you are considering starting your career in trading and you want access to many different types of markets, Duxa Capital might just be the best starting point for you. You will not have to have a huge budget because of the lenient first deposit requirements. Additionally, the company will send you frequent trading alerts to help you with successful trades. Don’t forget that you can also earn a loyalty bonus by trading frequently with Duxa Capital.


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