Lock Your Memories Among The Slideshows

Lock Your Memories Among The Slideshows

Lock Your Memories Among The Slideshows

We all know that memories are the timeless treasures of the heart. So, we have to capture each special so that we can narrate the story to the next generation. You should know that each happiness of yesterday is a memory for tomorrow. The memories depend on the type of company you share with. You should always remember that memories will take you back to the moment, which you always wanted to cling to and never let it go. The same goes for the people as well. At some point in life, you have to realize that some people stay in your heart but not in your life. 

Making Slideshows

Thanks to digital technology, which has proved that you may always remain attached to the memories. If you want to share your story with your near and dear ones or to your loved ones, you can create slideshows that are pretty amazing. This will be perfect for sharing your thoughts, memories, ideas for your closed ones. You can make slideshows of videos, images, clips, and texts as well. To make it more entertaining and heart touching, add music according to the images. This will be just a fairy tale. 

Your audience

No matter what, you have to remember your audience. After all, it’s your memories, and the audience has to be special as well. So, if the strength of the audience is vast, keep a shorter slideshow of your valuable memories. The video should be crisp and adorable. If there are some family gatherings like a marriage ceremony, you can choose a duration of 10 minutes, and you should include images from different eras, which would make the video more delightful. 


The basics of the video have to be crystal clear. You should know the purpose of making the video and the slideshows. For any editing part, you can use the free video editor for YouTube, which will be quite handy for you. The goal should be clear and for the viewers as well. You should focus on the content to make it more enriching and engaging. Ensure that the audience is never bored, and they ask you to repeat once again. I hope the videos or the slideshows will make tears of joy for the family members, and it will be worth captivating as well.  


You have to keep all equipment, devices, and necessary items ready for making the videos. The video editing tools or applications like Invideo should all be kept available for your work. Once your video is done and dusted, the app is sufficient to take care of the video. The tool comes with inexplicable features, which will make your jobs quite easier. Think like a member of the production unit and club the photos in a sequential manner to give it an enigmatic look. Keep your vision focused on the appealing moments of the family members. 

Quantity of photos and videos

Keep a tap of the length of the slideshows. For this, you should always ensure to use just the right number of images and video clips. Do remember that the video length should not be too lengthy, else it might be boring, and people would leave before it gets over. Also, you have to work on the screen time for each image, and it should depend on the moments as well. For a pleasing video, you should add effects and filters. The tools will have all the templates which will help to make an endearing video. 


The hardest part is the editing part of the slide shows. However, shortlisting the videos and images is also a tough job. You have to really spend some time to filter from your gallery. Collate all the images and video files in a single folder, so that you don’t miss any valuable item. Do keep track of the time of the year when the images or video were taken so that you can make a flowing slide show in a chronological manner. This would be really intriguing and will be a delight to the eyes as well. Do rename the images according to the sequence, so that it becomes easier for you to import in the editing tool. 


Do crop your images and cut short the videos while editing. Make sure that you use the perfect filter, template, music, and light. If you are successful in doing all these, your slideshow will be nothing less than an alluring one. If required, do give musical effects as per the moments or places where the images were captured. Remove the unwanted photos and do a review once it is done. Once the slide show is completed, do get it reviewed by some of your known ones and take their feedback as well. 

Music and romance

Music matters a lot for the slide shows. You have to choose the perfect music, and this will lead to the path of how your video touches the heart and soul of the audience. For romantic and loving videos, choose a slow track. If you want the videos to be full of excitement, then a fast track will do. Remember to sync the music with the videos. Do play the videos on a big screen and review how it looks. You should keep a tap of the images on the screen. As your slideshow is meant for a group of people, ensure to choose high-resolution photos. 


You should choose the HD resolution for the video to make it more charming. Also, you have to keep track of the compatibility of the video and the player as well, so that you don’t have to cut a sorry figure in front of your loved ones.

Ensure that the slide shows hit the refreshing button of the viewers. Let them pause the moment and rewind their time to enjoy with their closed ones. Let the moment be precious and linger for future generations.




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