Benefits of VPN for Travellers


Benefits of VPN for Travellers

The internet is now on your fingertips; we consume the internet every second. As per a recent report, published in 2019, there are more than 4.39 billion internet users across the globe.

With the increase in Internet usage, the need for data security has also become an essential topic of discussion. Computer security is a critical issue, and over the years we have heard of various instances related to internet breaches, be it governmental spying, uncensored data collection, stolen financial details or tracking user behaviour, the internet has opened new opportunities for various legal and illegal agencies to enter our lives, without permission. What is scarier is the rise in cybercrimes reported in 2018-2019, thus while we use the internet freely, we also need to understand how to use it without being at risk.

How can travellers protect their systems?

For a traveller, internet security is very critical. Here, unlike a trusted home or office network, you are always on the mercy of public to semi-public WIFI’s, these WIFI’s may not be completely secure. Thus the risk of your information getting lost is high since anybody operating on the same network and easily steal your unprotected data. Your vital data like usernames, credit card details, passwords etc. can be taken from your devices within seconds. Thus, the best solution to use internet without being watched is VPN or Virtual private network.

What are the advantages of a VPN for travellers?

VPN are designed to protect all your activities on the internet, regardless of which country you are travelling to. However, security is just one aspect of a VPN; for a traveller, a VPN server can do more.

Bypass Blocked Sites

VPN allows you to browse the internet without aby boundaries. This simply means that with VPN, you can access any site in any country, even though the site is blocked in that region. For instance, if you are in China and want to use Amazon Prime, then choose Nord VPN, since Nord VPN works with Prime video, and allows you to browse the site and view it’s content freely.

Protects your Devices

Protection is yet another significant advantage of using a VPN while travelling. Today, we don’t use computers or laptops for internet usage; we use the internet on our mobile phones more than any other device; thus, the need to protect our online activity has increased. Thankfully, there are VPN apps in both iOS and Android versions; all you need to do is install this app and keep it on while you are browsing the internet. The VPN will provide encryption to your data and secure it from being stolen.

How to use VPN while travelling?

Using a VPN is simple; you need to download the VPN on your devices and keep it on while connecting to the internet. We would not recommend the use of free VPN’s, and these do not assure complete security, thus select a VPN provider that gives you a reasonable deal and has a good reputation in the market.

So here are a few things you need to keep in mind, while we select a VPN service:

Provides secure communication

Security is the most critical aspect of a VPN. If your VPN provider can guarantee reliable connection, i.e. double encryption of data, then it is worth the deal. With this regard, an OpenVPN is the best choice; it can take care of all your online activity while keeping your information discreet.

Is available in multiple countries

If you are a traveller, then choose a VPN that works globally, at least covering significant places in the world. The easiest way to identify a global VPN provider is to see if they work in China, China has the reputation of blocking VPN’s, so if the VPN works well in China, it will probably work in any other country.

Bottom Line:

Whether you are an individual travelling on vacation or a businessman travelling for work, VPN can be your safest internet browsing option.




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