Who Uses Python? A Brief Introduction to the Python Programming Language and Its Uses
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Who Uses Python? A Brief Introduction to the Python Programming Language and Its Uses

Who Uses Python? A Brief Introduction to the Python Programming Language and Its Uses

Are you a computer programmer or perhaps you’re looking to change careers? We live in the age of tech so it makes sense to enhance our skill base as the job market ever increases.

It can also end up saving you a trip to the computer repair shop if you know what you are doing. But what language should you learn? There are hundreds of languages employed on the average computer and website.

Python is one of the most popular languages but you must understand who uses Python before you embark on a journey of learning it.

Here’s what you need to know about Python.

What is Python?

Python is one of the most well-known computer languages along with C++.

The language is open source. This is important because it means that everyone who wants to access it can do so. It fits in with the open nature of the internet.

Some of the companies that use Python include Google, Wikipedia, and even NASA. It’s also used by YouTube and Instagram.

Web Developers

Python is primarily a computer language that is used on the web, rather than in hardware. It is perfect if you are creating a social media platform or a service that encourages users to interact with each other.

Wikipedia is the perfect example of the kind of website that Python is suited for. Web users who are experts on certain subjects can log in and edit the various pages that they have knowledge about.

The code is quite intuitive and simple to use plus there is also a sandbox mode where users looking to build a page can play around and experiment.

Embrace Your Niche With Python

Another great thing about Python is that the code can be completely copied so that users can create their own versions of Wikipedia.

Wikipedia has a strict list of criteria for what can count for a page. Wikipedia bans articles that are too niche – for example fan fiction – and insists that all articles must be cited correctly.

Yet the Wikipedia model can be a great way to organize niche or fan fiction. There are separate wiki pages that collect information about fantasy worlds that would not qualify for official Wikipedia pages of their own. Harry Potter Wiki is one of the most famous and is based on Wikipedia’s Python code.

Users can click through to pages of even the most obscure Harry Potter character and go through the universe year-by-year as if it was real.

There are also people who like to create future wikis – predictions about future events and elections that others can contribute to.

The Internet of Things

Another way Python can be used is in the so-called internet of things. This is the eco-system that connects devices and systems in the home so that they can be controlled by a smartphone or voice assistant.

Examples include Amazon’s Alexa device, Google Home or Apple HomePod. Your front door, your bathtub or even your curtains can all be controlled at the click of a button or a simple voice command.

Python is the main programming language behind this. Smart tech is the future of tech and there are loads of devices currently in development to make our lives easier.

If you are looking to learn a programming language to get ahead in business then you can’t go wrong with Python and the internet of things. As one technology launches so the door opens for more innovation.

Many developers are working on tech that will work with driverless cars. It is thought that driverless cars will arrive in the late 2020s or early 2030s. Features that are in development include being able to hail a driverless car from your home automation system.

It may be that new homes are built with home automation systems integrated into them and as a Python developer you could find yourself in demand to install them as home automation becomes a service that can be sold.

What Software Do You Need for The Internet of Things?

If you are thinking about learning Python to develop projects for the internet of things then be sure to download Home Assistant. It is compatible with PC or Raspberry Pi and is completely open-source.

Home automation techs now incorporate elements of artificial intelligence or machine learning so that it can learn your routine. If this is the case with your project then download Scikit-learn which uses Python. Both of these add-ons are just one of many python tools you should check out.

Who Uses Python? Most Software Developers Working on Transformative Technology

What is Python used for? It is most useful for people wanting to develop groundbreaking technology that is set to transform our lives over the next few years.

Home automation devices that use the internet of things like light bulbs and self-running baths all runoff Python code. If you are looking for a way to make money in the technology sector then this language is invaluable.

Even if you use the internet for a hobby, it can still be a useful code to have if you run a fan fiction site or like to be creative online.

Sites like Wikipedia use it and because it’s open-source the code can be copied for free and edited to meet the needs of your site or community.

If you want to read more about who uses Python or other useful Python applications then be sure to check out the rest of our site.


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