Manage your Accounts and Finances Efficiently with Doxo
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Manage your Accounts and Finances Efficiently with Doxo

Manage your Accounts and Finances Efficiently with Doxo

If you look back just a couple of years ago, paying your bills and filing your tax returns meant managing receipts, invoices, bills, doing calculations, filling out forms, making statements and more paperwork. The purpose of the internet and other apps and online services was to come up with a paperless and hassle-free option that could make things easy for people. This is something that Doxo has accomplished rather well. Doxo is primarily an app that has been designed to store your receipts, bills and other important documents and keep them safe and in order.

You can even use it for storing any of your random documents and it will keep them secure and prevent them from taking up space in your home. However, the most important feature of this app is that it has made bill payment fast and easy for everyone. Not only can you make and track your payments, you can also keep a clear record of how much you have paid and to whom. It is a completely free app and comes with an easy-to-use dashboard. All you have to do to get started is to download it, make an account and start uploading your documents and credit card bills, healthcare forms, utility bills and any other payments that you routinely make.

Doxo aims to add value to their services due to which they are constantly incorporating new features on various fronts. You can find more at To accommodate the growing number of mobile users, Doxo has introduced a mobile payment and management solution. They have also come up with an Android app and has even added the option of Apple Pay to offer more convenience to its users. You can also use its iOS app or the desktop version, as per your preference. Since its launch in 2011, the app has made a lot of progress and has come a long way.

It has a digital filing cabinet software that allows it to stand out from other apps and provides users with a single space for managing their numerous bills. You can use the app for managing all your key accounts and can also create backups easily or send documents via email right from the app. Likewise, email import is also possible, which allows you to add any bills you receive easily. As far as the option of cloud-backup is concerned, it enables you to access your documents from anywhere.

Security is another aspect that Doxo has addressed and they have done their due diligence in this regard. The app uses powerful software for fraud detection and their policies ensure that no third party can access your financial information without your consent. As it can be downloaded free of cost, you don’t have to worry about your budget and can easily use the app for paying your bills. There is no longer any need to juggle tons of online accounts because all of them can be managed from a single platform provided by Doxo.


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