Can technology Inhibit Work Productivity?


With the breakthrough development in technology, everything in our daily routine has changed a lot. Especially from the past decade. The evolution of technology has dramatically affected the way we spend our time. Now, one can not say that technology has only inhibited our productivity. The basic purpose of technology is to help us in our daily routine and not restrict us to be productive. Like any other invention, technology can be used in negative and positive ways.

Let’s take the example of Facebook. Most of us see it as a waste of time. But more than 70% of world business is based on Facebook advertisements.

We’ll see further in this article how technology has affected our productivity in every way.

The dark side of technology

One of the few but a major drawback is how technology has affected our critical thinking, it’s almost dead. Besides some great minds, everyone is just addicted to doing searches. Everyone wants an easy way out. Almost nobody wants to analyze something. We just want to do business to solve our problems. Today we can sell anything to anyone, based on our searches, what we click, how we react to certain texts. Today we are developing products based on our technology habits.

Maybe the main reason to develop artificial intelligence is we have forgotten how to think critically.

Of course, there is a bright side to it today we can get knowledge on anything, anywhere and anytime, but it’s making us addictive to tech tools. Today the percentage of kids who can use a computer is 69% that is much higher than percentage of kids who can tie their own shoelace which is 11%. “I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.” – Albert Einstein. Now, this quote won’t surprise us anymore.

Technology’s effect on workplace productivity

There is a difference between being productive and thinking critically. Technology might hold you back from thinking critically but I am sure it doesn’t restrain you to be productive. Unless you don’t want to be restrained. Every day you’ll see new applications being developed just to maximize your productivity. With the help of technology, you hire the best person for your business even if he or she is sitting halfway around the world. To increase their productivity a lot of remote employees monitoring software are available on the market. According to experiment conduct in the Chinese call center, people who work from home were actually proven to be 13% more productive than who were working in their offices.


Technology gives you the ability to collaborate. With some basic tools like cloud, base tasking gives your productivity a huge headstart. Jamie Thornberry said “In relation to productivity, the office software packages such as G-suit, MS office and Adobe have revolutionized [our] office productivity over last few years. Documents can now be signed on the go and designs signed and approved via a mobile device.”


Technology has helped us in organizing our everyday task. It has removed all the unnecessary steps involved in completing any given task without getting overwhelmed. With the help of cloud computing, you can now share any document with your co league without walking up to them.


Technology has passed us through the biggest hurdles in terms of productivity. Most people struggle with time management. Today we have time management apps and computer monitoring software to help solve these problems

In the end, I would say technology was never meant to hold us down. People who aren’t productive today and blame technology would stay unproductive even without technology.


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