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Put Your Brain Muscles to Test With the Best Mobile Puzzle Games Out There


Although games are designed to provide entertainment, many people connect fun with a way to fill out time when you don’t have anything better to do. And since almost %50 of current apps out there are games, it seems not having anything better to do is a productive business for app developers. Nevertheless, even if it’s true that you don’t get from most of the games anything more than a way to kill boring hours, there still are games that provide something. Besides filling out your free time, they also offer a way to learn something or to help with your memory and overall brain prowess.

To offer you something more than just blind fun, we decided to check the current top mobile games that supposedly help our brain work better.

Left vs Right – For Your Entire Brain

As you might guess, the reason why the game is called Left vs Right is that it helps you develop both sides of your brain – both the creative and systematic half. When we initially started playing the game it felt more like an extremely fun exercise than a casual game. After 30 minutes of playing there was a certain, positive mental exhaustion that felt like what was just done was useful. Besides striking you with one big game, the app provides dozens of mini-games, each pinpointing to give a certain part of a brain a good run. Just like in physical exercising you have workouts for legs, abs, and arms, so you have it here but for your brain.

One thing that kind of bugged us is the constant reminders to play the game. Every day the app will do its best for you to give it another swing. Don’t get us wrong, the games are great in itself that you’ll likely come back for another run, but that’s exactly why the notifications feel a bit redundant.

Flow Water Fountain 3D Puzzle – Test Your Perspective

Although we didn’t initially know about this type of games, our search brought us to a cool list of 3D puzzle games. After giving it a quick gaze, the particular list provided a lot of useful info about each game so we didn’t actually have to download each one and see if it was actually good. Here’s the list if you want to check later.

Best 3D Puzzle Games

After checking a couple of them out, we ended up picking a game called Flow Water. It’s a cool 3D puzzle game where you have to maneuver the flow of the water from point A to the correct point B. The game reminds of the famous old-school game Pipes and it’s likely inspired by it. The game similar to the previous one, offer a great jog for your brain as levels progressively get harder and harder. The first few are more like warming up for the real deal. Additionally, the gorgeous 3D visuals provide an additional challenge as you’re figuring out where the slowly flowing water should go.

Since the whole point is to move parts to direct the flow, it’s a shame you can’t actually rotate the 3D game field. From time to time it can get hard to put blocks where you want them to go and the ability to rotate would instantly fix that problem. As of writing this article that’s not possible but we’re sure the developers will fix this in some of the future updates.

2048 by Estoty – Number Fans Rejoice!

Of course, when it comes to puzzle games we can’t but include at least one number game. 2048 is a famous number puzzle genre and the one created by Estoty particularly caught our attention. Besides having the elements of the classic, this version comes with a set of different game modes that provide an additional level of fun and challenge to a classic game. If you really want to test yourself, you can take the levels with limit amounts of moves you can do. Finally, although you can go up in difficulty, you can also go down in the practice mode where you get the option to undo in case you realize you did a wrong move. It’s a well-rounded game that any fan of number puzzles can enjoy.

The only big shame is the game doesn’t come with different board sizes. Already having all these amazing features, it would be like a cherry on the top if the player could pick the size. But similar to the second game, we hope this will be added in the future.


We’ve come to the end of the article and we hope you’ll find our choices useful. It’s important to ensure our mind doesn’t get rusty and fun games might just be the best way to keep your brain in shape if you don’t feel like doing books or complex math.

If you have any games you’d like to suggest, feel free to let us know so we can check it out. Thanks for reading.


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