Four Signs of the Best Forwarding Service
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Four Signs of the Best Forwarding Service


Four Signs of the Best Forwarding Service

If you are looking for a forwarding service, you will have to do some research. In the recent years, a lot of forwarding services have emerged. They all provide you with a US shipping address, and the related services. However, some companies fully understand the needs of their customers. By introducing features that are focused on their customers, they stand out from the crowd. Let’s take a look at four signs that you will find in all the best forwarding service.

Four Signs That Your Forwarding Company Is a Good One

It Offers Free Storage

You are not going to order stuff from online websites and have it shipped at your address instantly. Getting each order shipped to you separately can be quite expensive. Instead, you want to order all that you need one by one, have it stored in a place, and then have all the parcels shipped to you. That’s where you need some days of storage. The best forwarding services will provide you up to a month of storage for free. This allows you to order everything that you need and have it shipped together.

It Shops for You

It is an amazing service but not all the forwarding companies are providing it right now. Sometimes, your location and physical address are not the only problems. In addition to these things, you can’t shop on the US retailers because you are using a card that is not accepted by these retailers. Your forwarding service can shop for you if it has that option. Find one that does it for you so you don’t even need your card for shopping.

It Can Repackage Your Items

One of the challenges of shipping is to reduce the shipping costs. You know that different retailers have different types of packaging for their items. Sometimes, they can make a small item seem huge because of the packaging alone. The best forwarding service will provide you with the option of repackaging the items. Repackaging the items can reduce the amount of space they occupy and thus save you a lot of money on shipping.

It Saves You Taxes

If you are with the right forwarding company, it will have its shipping addresses in multiple locations. Most importantly, the company should be able to have your items shipped in a state where you don’t have to pay any sales taxes. Keep in mind that there are some states in which you can end up paying up to 9% in sales taxes. On the other hand, some states do not have any sales taxes at all.

Bottom Line

After considering all the options mentioned above, you can safely say that is a forwarding company that delivers it all. SandyUSA provides consolidation, repackaging, and many other services that have been designed to save you a lot of money. You have to keep in mind that using a forwarding service should not only be for getting some items at your doorstep. In fact, another important reason to use these services is to save money on shipping. If your forwarding service is not saving you money, you should change it as soon as possible.