Growth Marketing Stacks Are Blowing Up Digital Marketing Landscape
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Growth Marketing Stacks Are Blowing Up Digital Marketing Landscape

Growth Marketing Stacks Are Blowing Up Digital Marketing Landscape

The digital marketing agencies as well as the entire marketing landscape are affected by the growth marketing stacks. Just as the digital marketing landscape is blowing up the number of digital marketing agencies and service providers has also doubled since 2012 according to recent study reports.

This industry is only expanding with showing no signs of downsizing. Now you will find everyone from a college dropout entrepreneur running such a servicefrom mom’s basement to a boutique growth digital marketing agency that may have more than 100heads and the competition is only getting bigger, tighter and fiercer.

Adding to the efficacy and effectiveness of the digital marketing scenario there are also the services of several other players small and big such as:

  • The marketing automation platforms
  • Inbound methodologies
  • Advanced digital marketing strategies inspired by new technological capabilities and
  • The tech savvy marketers.

All of them working in unison have enabled several businesses large and small to gather all the pieces together and get the growth-driven marketing stacks escapingthe most vanilla service offerings.

All over the world you will find that the marketing agencies are practicing truly dangerous marketing operations and offering innovative growth marketing stacks that eclipses the traditional SEO and PPC operations.

The security aspect

The is a significant risk factor involved in the growth marketing stacks and there are several valid reason to be a bit cautious while opting for these. Typically, these are threatening the security of the conventional digital marketing agencies. It is therefore wise to explore their fit within your business and to strategically design a set of goal-aligned tools and marketing plans.

  • You should have a better and proper focus on your goal because for years nowSEO is the most commonly sought digital marketing strategy by any business. It also happens to be the most common livelihood of different service providers and the bread and butter for most digital marketing agencies.

  • On the other hand, SEO is also considered as the service which is most likely to get derailed when it comes to goal alignment. This is because most of the SEO service providers drop off after content ranks well in the search engines. This means that the conversion optimization is hardly looped into the task for cultivating and generating more organic traffic towards your site.

  • However, when you invest in growth stacks the SEO is combined with other traffic cohort strategies. This ensures a better sue of a goal focused approach. This will provide with measurable reporting that will reveal where exactly the conversions as well as the revenue generation came from.

  • All of these will add a lot of value to your digital marketing endeavor as your company will be able to justify your investment and at the same time you will be able to use the data to optimize the strategy even further in an agile approach.

That means with the use of these multiple technology pieces, strategies and your INDIGIT marketing team there is no possibility of losing focus provided all of these work well together and helps you to achieve the same goal.

Growth marketing technology is valuable

It is extremely valuable in modern business to use thegrowth marketing technology platform for their digital marketing needs. It is for the growth driven results and the technological capabilities of these digital agencies that are causing the traditional marketing agencies to fear dents to their retention rate and they have all the reasons for that.

If you want to hit the high revenue targets you will have to use marketing automation as its potential as a digital marketing tool is huge. It will not only allow you as a marketer to target your audience precisely but at the same time it will also save a lot of time and money for your organization.

This is because these growth driven agencies will use custom messaging at the right time and at the same time it will offer highlevel data. You can use this data for repurposing your campaign optimization process.

About the high level data

When you consider the high level data for repurposing you must know how to use this for better results.

  • This data that is usually generated from the CRMs will offer you information on all the leads.

  • This will in turn give you accurate personal information in an entirely transparent manner.

  • This will provide you with an opportunity the access the name of the lead, the email address, the company he or she works for as well as the role of their job.

This is where the growth marketing agencies performs better than the traditional SEO agencies which can only use the Google Analytics to get a partial portrait.

  • You as well as your marketing teams will be able to see what channel of traffic the lead came through as well as see all the stages of thejourney of the lead such as the touch pointsand re-entry points back into the transformation funnel.

  • All this will help you and your team to figure out and fine tune your digital marketing campaigns and make necessary amendments and alterations. The audience targeting tactics followed by the growth driven marketing agencies will enable you to know the email marketing cadence.

The agencies will also help you to determine the additional value to the client and thereby help you to instill faith in the client believing that their invested money is paying off well.

Provide measurable reporting

The most important and useful factor of these growth stack agencies is that their reporting is measurable. This means that the most common objection of companies against digital marketing is resolved. Ideally, most companies find that the digital marketing reports contain several components that are difficult to justify even after spending thousands of dollars on organic blogging and digital marketing strategies.

The growth stack market reports will help you in all respects whether it is regarding page views or bounce rates, rankings or lead source along with other metrics that will have a direct impact on conversions.