5 Things To Consider While Buying The Right Pressure Washer
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5 Things To Consider While Buying The Right Pressure Washer

5 Things To Consider While Buying The Right Pressure Washer

It is always advisable that before you go out to buy a product, you must do some research beforehand so that you are aware of the technicalities and features of that product. The same is applicable when you are planning to buy a pressure washer.

There is no point in wasting time and gallons of water in cleaning your vehicle or outdoors when you can easily accomplish the task in less time by using a pressure washer. There are a lot of options available in the market for you to choose the most suitable washer according to your needs. Not only this, they come with a lot of fancy accessories like the turbo water, jet washer, patio brush, etc. to enable you to perform various other functions.

Before you finally set out to buy the washer you need, you must keep in mind a few suggestions that will let you choose the right one.

Decide your requirement

A pressure washer comes in many variations. It completely depends on you as to which variant you must choose depending upon the type of work you would want to derive from it. If you only require it for basic cleaning like of your home or your car then you may choose the basic model of the washer which is the least powerful. Mid range washers are helpful for those who would do a little more rigorous cleaning and have a power of around 100 bars. When it comes to do cleaning of a large area or of heavy vehicles, then you must buy the most powerful washers of power 120 bars.


Once you have understood where exactly you will be needing the pressure washer, you must then decide your budget. With hundreds of options available, buy a washer that fulfills all your requirements and is not too heavy on your pocket. Do not get lured by the fancy accessories that come with many washers and then end up buying one which you will not need at all.

Type of washer required

If the thing you are cleaning is in contact with oil or grease, then you must choose the hot water pressure washers the likes of which are used by Vardens LTD for commercial fleet cleaning. Other than that, the washers are divided broadly in two categories- electric washers and gas washers. The electric pressure washers are not very expensive as they provide lesser water force. Whereas the gas ones are more expensive as they provide a higher force. But a major drawback in gas washers are that they emit a lot of noise. It is upto you to decide which one suits you the best.

Water pressure and water flow

another crucial aspect to remember while buying a pressure washer is to know the water flow and water pressure rate. This can be determined by checking the PSI (Pounds per square inch) and GPM (gallons per minute). Higher the PSI, higher is the water pressure. If the GPM of the washer is high that means the water flow will be high. Whatever may be your requirement, you can then select a suitable match by knowing the PSI and GPM of the machine.

For lightweight pressure cleaning requirements


last but not the least, when you have finally made the decision of buying a particular washer, see the duration of warranty that is being provided by the manufacturer. Some may provide complete replacement of the product if some fault occurs in it during the warranty period, others may get the concerned part replaced. A good warranty is always a plus point.