Whether Home or Office, You Should Be Comfortable in Your Seat

Whether Home or Office, You Should Be Comfortable in Your Seat

Whether Home or Office, You Should Be Comfortable in Your Seat

The simple fact is that sitting is bad for your health. This statement is backed up by years of scientific research and is a generally accepted fact between everyone from doctors to chiropractors to naturopaths. Humans simply weren’t meant to stay in seat for as long as we do. Unfortunately, the way our society now works means we sit a lot.

So sitting is bad, but that doesn’t solve any problems for you when your profession or passion means you have to spend a whole ton of time on your butt. To alleviate some of the issues sitting can cause, you’re going to want to invest in a comfortable gaming chair that will allow you to maintain good posture.

When you sit with good posture, you’ll see a dramatic improvement in your overall wellbeing. Poor posture can lead to tons of issues, from neck and back problems, to hip, knee and joint issues. Solve this problem with a good gaming chair and you’ll feel better, and play better too. In addition, you can get a suitable wallpaper from Mineheart for the walls around you and it will definitely set the environment making your gaming experience even better.

What makes a chair good?

The ‘good’ in a good gaming chair can be pretty arbitrary, but what it’s actually referring to is a number of different components that all come together to make a comfortable and ergonomically sound chair.

Your gaming chair should have a backrest that is 12 to 19 inches wide and curves inward to support the spine. The lumbar support in your chair should also be able to adjust both for height and depth to match your specific needs.

Your chair should also have a thickly padded seat with a cloth surface that breaths, allowing for air flow against the skin and cushioning for your legs and butt. It should also be between 16” and 20” inches wide.

The armrests should be adjustable and allow your arms to rest comfortably in a flat, neutral position, which will stop your shoulders from hurting. The elbows and arms should rest easily on the armrests while the forearms should not be on the rests while typing.

Your chair should also be able to swivel comfortably 360 degrees to allow you to access what you need around you without craning your neck or straining your body.

What about alternative chairs?

While a cool looking chair may be visually pleasing, it’s way more important to make sure that your chair can be modified to fit your body. If that means that a conventional chair just won’t work for you, here are a couple other options on the market.

A kneeling chair has no back and puts you in a modified kneeling position. It can be great for people who need to strengthen their back muscles by encouraging good posture by moving the hips forward and keeping your back, neck, and shoulders aligned. This type of chair also reduces spinal compression by distributing the weight between the knees and pelvis.

A saddle chair is another alternative chair type that you can use as a gaming chair or a desk chair. The chair is, as suggested, made in the shape of a horse’s saddle and puts you in a position that is somewhere between sitting and standing. What this does is allow the legs to drop naturally and widen your seated stance, which creates a stable base. This is especially helpful for people with lower back issues and can help strengthen the back muscles over time.


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