4 Important Things to Consider When Posting Content

4 Important Things to Consider When Posting Content

 4 Important Things to Consider When Posting Content

Content writing and posting have become a trend these days. It is becoming a successful way of making companies, organizations or even any product famous amongst the audience.

There are several tips to make your content standout in 2016, some are given below:

1. Go through your content if it focuses on the need of your marketer

When you have written content for a needy content marketer or any company ensures that you have prominently addressed the woes and worries of your marketer. The main message should be clear and precise from your content. Include an introduction on your content before posting it. An introduction is the mirror of your entire content. Remember to include an introduction and a conclusion to your post. Abrupt beginning and endings make an article appear lifeless. After all, first impression is the last impression.

2. Include images, videos or links to make your content interesting

It doesn’t matter if you are posting content for your web page, website or Facebook page, you content should grab the attention of the audience who read them. Vibrant images, interesting reliable links and few videos are enough to make your content look interesting and eye-catching. When an enlightening article is accompanied with few images and video links, it catches the attention of many readers. Include high-resolution images with a PNG or JPG extension only. Always remember to use video or infographic embed codes. A blurred image or a low-resolution image spoils the look of your article. Apart from this, a broken video link doesn’t appeal much to the audience too. Before you post the content, ensure that the images you are using as attachments are of a good quality and high resolution, and the videos you add are accessible.

3. Too many cooks spoil the broth! (too many links spoil your content!)

It’s true that your content should have links, images and videos. But if your content has too many links, it starts appearing plagiarised from other sources. Don’t make your content look like the Meena Bazar of new Delhi! (Meena bazaar is a vibrant shimmery marketplace with too many shops). Make sure before posting the content that it’s gripping and enlightening.

4. Promoting oneself is not a good idea

If you are a content writer who is writing for some other company, don’t include your details or how “well you write”! The author’s bio is a good place for that. Before posting the content, remove those places where you have bragged about yourself or your firm. Your content marketer won’t be pleased to see that either!


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