Top Drone Maintenance Tips You Should Follow
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Top Drone Maintenance Tips You Should Follow

Top Drone Maintenance Tips You Should Follow

By owning a drone camera you can unleash a new side of your creativity as a photographer. Suddenly, you will be taking expansive, panoramic shots of landscapes and cityscapes. But you need to ensure that you take good care of the gadget if it has to function optimally and last for long. Below, we look at a few tips you can follow to maintain the drone in good condition.

Regular Cleaning

When you use the drone over a long period of time, then dust and debris can settle inside it. As such, you need to properly clean the drone after and before every flight. Doing so will keep the gadget free from all pollutants. If the hull is what is unclean, then pick up a piece of cloth and wipe the area clean. For best results, it is recommended that you use microfiber cloth rather than a normal one. You can find this is most hardware stores.

Firmware Updates

Almost all drone manufacturers release updates for their firmware from time to time. And when they do so, it is important you get the drone firmware update. This will resolve any existing issues with the drone’s operation. It can also make some of the functions easier to perform and makes flying the drone much safer. Just remember to take off the props from the drone before you decide to update the firmware.

Improper Flying

Sometimes, you might feel awkward when you fly the drone and might feel that there is something wrong with the way the drone is flying. In such situations, trust your instincts and do not fly the drone until it has been thoroughly checked. Only if you are satisfied that there are no internal malfunctions in the drone should you resume flying. However, if you ignore the warning signs and continue to fly the drone even though you feel that something is wrong, then you might end up causing some serious damage to the drone. Drone maintenance is indeed important.


Whether you are shooting drone videos of stadiums, mountains, lakes, forests, or anything else, you should always remember to check your batteries before you put them in the drone. Ideally, every one of them must be charged to the max. Otherwise, the batteries might fail in between the flight and you will have to watch the drone fall in from the sky. In addition, you must also ensure that all batteries are correctly balanced before you start recharging them. If you see that any battery is damaged and has cracks in them, then you should ideally not use the battery in the drone ever again.

Keep Away From Sand

When you are flying the drone along the beach, you must be very careful that it does not fall into the sand. If it does, then the sand might get inside the drone. And since the motors of the drone contain magnets, the small iron particles in the sand will get attracted to it and stick to the magnets. This obviously will hamper the smooth operation of the drone. In such a situation, use compressed air on the motor. This should be sufficient to dislodge and clear out the iron particles from the magnets. However, if this does not work, then you will have to clear out the sand content inside the motor manually.

Camera Sensor

One of the biggest risks for sensor performance is dust. If excessive dust settles inside the sensor, then you have to get the drone checked by the manufacturer. Do not try to remedy it yourself since this might void any warranty that is applicable to the gadget. However, if the dust has only settled on the glass filter that protects the sensor, then use compressed air and try to loosen and wipe out the dust completely from the filter. Some drone camera models come with self-cleaning sensors. And if yours is one such type, then you don’t have to be overly concerned with the dust causing problems to the sensor.

Propeller Replacement

The propeller also needs to be replaced from time to time if it becomes too overused. Ideally, you must change the propeller after every 200 flights. So, keep track of your flight data, and when you see that you are approaching 200 flights, have a new propeller ready to swap into the drone whenever required. In addition, you must also inspect the propeller regularly for any chips and cracks since this can cause it to become noisy and vibrate uncontrollably. So, replace the propeller if you see such signs.


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